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    how to leave without penalty

    anyone know how to do this?

    (for pvp dom matches)

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    From what I can remember, you can do the same method you do, to skip the walk to the Pirate King final boss with GM help. It'll send you to wherever your last map was and you will still be in the party. You can do whatever you want except queue and enter dungeons of course. Once the actual match is over you'll know because your team will start to leave or they'll be in their original map. Then you can just leave the party and requeue.

    However if you do this, and the team leader kicks you, I believe you will then receive the penalty. Also I believe if you do this method and then say relog or restart your client, you will still be in the party so you shouldn't have any penalties. Penalties are received only when you leave the party (I think).

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