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    [US] Rank 1 (3s) Carry to Rogue, Ele/Resto Shaman or Holy Priest - $750 - ONLY 1 SPOT


    This will be done in the 3s bracket.

    We work privately, quickly and efficiently.

    We are all multi Rank 1 players and we've been selling PvP carries since BC.

    We don't stream for attention or cause a fuss on AJ because we like to keep to ourselves, and in doing so it allows us to offer pilots without raising suspicion by the player base nor Blizzard.

    Everything played by hand. No bots/cheats/exploits. Legit play for legit pay, as they say.

    About Me:

    I will personally be playing your character so it's only fair I give you my PvP background.

    I've been playing WoW since Vanilla beta.

    I've played to Gladiator every season except the first, six of those Seasons to R1. Every season I hold Gladiator on at least 3 different characters.

    I've done over 50 private Gladiator boosts and two Rank 1 boosts last season with the same people this boost will be done with. It's much easier to carry now that there isn't a true "Rank 1". I hold a 100% success rate on pilots for every customer, never DQ'd.

    I'm from Australia and currently living in the US so I speak English natively.

    Why so cheap?

    About a month ago we did a Rank 1 boost for someone who charged back all the funds directly from their bank, even though they were a trusted member of another site.

    He got banned for BG botting afterwards, and felt that since he won't get his title we didn't deserve the money. Great logic, I know.

    We're offering Rank 1 to those classes in the title so we can make some of the money back for one of our teammates who has to buy University textbooks soon.

    What's the catch?

    You must be full 550.

    You must be a Rogue, Elemental/Resto Shaman or a Holy Priest.

    You must be willing to pay via Western Union. We can't risk another chargeback.

    I can provide vouches from literally hundreds of people, including very reputable members of this site.

    Interested or have any questions?

    Add me on Skype using that little button under my post count. That will take you directly to my Skype.
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    can definitely vouch for this guy, A+++
    I don't have a skype account. Contact me through pms or through discord.

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