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    Eu arena master account 2.5k+ statistics legendaries and more


    jewelcrafting/blacksmithing both 600

    full 550 ilvl pvp gear 2k+ cr also has some lfr pve gear aswel as legendary cloak does also have lots of transmogs to much to list has shadowmourn/thunderfury/x1 glaive and other nostalgia

    has 9k achievement points 2.5k+ statistics for 3v3 also has 2.2k+ in every bracket and the arena master title.

    has 10 man and 25 man ulduar drakes
    raven lord
    fishing turtle mount
    sunstone panther

    has around 60k gold including the mats to make various mounts

    UNDEAD 90 WARLOCK 550ilvl

    no decent professions on this but geared and enchanted fully with tier 7.5 valorous transmog also has about 10k gold.


    character is a little dated havnt geared it its still full tyrannical but has a high cap so could be geared quikly


    600 enchanting / 600 alchemy

    around 2k cr in arena 10k gold full tier 5 transmog with tier 7 halo and prince hammer looks angelic full 550 ilvl geared and enchanted fully.

    I do also have ALOT of alts varying in level race and server/faction ect I have looms for casters and melee/ranged dps for all classes/specs I also have an 86 alliance warrior and 81 alliance hunter a 72 alliance rogue and various other alts 20+ 40+ ect ect the account also still needs to be upgraded for WOD so could still benfit from another 90 boost which If I get the money I am asking for i will add to the account.

    i am looking for 250 gbp with WOD UPGRADE spent years on this account but its time to move on and aslong as i still have it i will keep coming back so it needs to go pictures are available on request just add me to Skype shabroni25 from England cheers.

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