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    selling feenix mage,druid,shaman

    Hello im selling 1 account with 3 lvl 60s geared for raiding

    Mage Gear

    Head : Spellweaver's turban
    Neck: Diana's pearl necklace
    Shoulders: Mantle of blackwing cabal / Zandalar illusionist's mantle
    Cape: Cloak of the hakkari worshipers
    Chest: Bloodvine vest
    shirt: apprentice shirt
    Tabard: Guild tabard
    Bracers: Zandalar illusionist's wraps
    Weapon: Blade of vaulted secrets
    off hand: scepter of interminable Focus
    hands: sorcerer's gloves
    belt: ban'thok sash
    legs: bloodvine leggings
    boots: bloodvine boots
    ring #1: Zanzil's seal
    ring #2: band of vaulted secrets
    trinket #1: briarwood reed / royal seal of eldre 'thalas
    trinket #2: eye of the beast / mind quickening gem
    Mount: 100% wolf

    reputation: ogrimmar : exalted, Cenarion circle : Exalted, Zandalar tribe : Exalted, Argent dawn : Exalted
    professions: engineering 141 / herbalism 300

    Druid gear

    Healing gear

    Head: Zulian headdress
    Neck: wavefront necklace
    Shoulder: wild growth spaulders
    Back: Hide of the wild
    Chest: Robes of the exalted / zandalar haruspex's tunic
    shirt: pink mageweave shirt
    tabard: guild tabard
    bracers: Zandalar haruspex's bracers
    weapon: redemption / zulian scepter of rites
    off hand: Tome of divine right / scepter of interminable focus
    idol: idol of rejuvenation
    Hands: cenarion gloves / gloves of restoration
    belt: sash of mercy
    legs: ritualistic legguards
    boots: animist's boots
    ring #1: emerald flame ring
    ring #2: rosewine circle
    trinket #1: mindtap talisman
    trinket #2: royal seal of eldre 'thalas / mindtap talisman #2

    DPS gear

    head: dreamweave circlet
    neck: charm of the shifting sands / diana's pearl necklace
    shoulders: elder wizard's mantle
    back: spritecaster cape
    chest: bloodvine vest
    shirt: ping mageweave
    tabard: guild tabard
    bracers: wildheart bracers
    weapon: zulian scepter of rites
    off hand: scepter of interminable focus
    idol: idol of the moon
    hands: ogreseer fists
    belt: dustfeather sash
    legs: bloodvine leggings
    boots: bloodvine boots
    ring #1: maiden's circle
    ring #2: zanzil's circle
    trinket #1: eye of the beast
    trinket #2: mindtap talisman
    Mount: 100% kodo

    professions: leatherworking 300 / tailoring 300
    reputation: argent dawn : friendly, zandalar tribe : Revered

    Shaman gear enhancement

    helm: skyfury helm
    neck: emberfury talisman
    shoulders: spaulders of the unseen
    back: dark phantom cape
    chest: primal batskin jerkin
    shirt: lavender mageweave shirt
    tabard: tabard of the scarlet crusade
    bracer: primal batskin bracers
    weapon: nightfall (crusader)
    off hand: none
    relic; Totem of the storm
    hands: devilsaur gauntlets
    belt: marksman's girdle
    legs: devilsaur leggings
    boots: abyssal mail sabatons of striking (green) 10str 11agi 10sta
    ring #1: ring of fury / blush ember ring
    ring #2: myrmidon's signet
    trinket #1: blackhand's breadth
    trinket #2: Hand of justice
    Mount: 100% kodo

    reputation: Nothing special
    professions: None

    Respond here with your skype name or add selling.warcraft

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