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    Skullcano exploration, relic/mining farming and boss skips

    First, credit to Hawgk-z for mentioning that it was possible to do this. It took a couple of hours of exploring before working out the full route.

    Video demonstrating the route used

    I thought this deserved its own thread because after a fair amount of testing, I'm pretty certain it's not possible to abuse this to kill Mordechai without first killing Bosun Octog. As can be seen in the video, Mordechai is completely unattackable and there appears to be no way to activate his scripting without killing at least the Bosun. Dying anywhere in the instance will return you to the entrance.

    There are, however, a couple of other applications of this exploit.

    1) Farming the relic and mine nodes which were indicated in the video
    2) Using a stalker with the scientist summon to easily farm the bosses past Thunderfoot with a group.
    3) Abusing summons to obtain substantially easier medals
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    Cool route! I've been trying to get on top of the roof at the final boss but you just ran there from the outside..

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