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    [US] Services ★LFR Full Clear★Custom HB Profiles★ {More To Come!}

    Will be giving away 1-2 vogue copys of my custom profile (Honorbuddy [N] Timeless Isle BOA Gear/Buff Grind Profile) for timeless isle for better and faster BOA farm as well as the plugins that will make farming the area a joke
    Will also run a LFR for 1-2 people who will vogue for me
    if you want to know more about me or my background goto the btm of the post

    Keep in mind its summer, so LFR has become Looking for retards & might take longer to clear...

    hey, im Givemhell been botting wow sense WOTLK back when zolofighter was a popular bot, i used to make my own profiles with it because there went any really public profiles
    i have been banned ONCE on my MAIN account LAST YEAR, it was simply because i got careless on a high pop server. sense then i got my account back & took a break on my main account but ive been botting my other 5 accounts as well as close friends IRL and in game with no problems or other banns

    ive owned 2 top guilds on 2 servers in my past,
    "Aiel Men" ranked 8th best in progression during WOTLK ICC patch On our realm
    "New World Order" Ranked 2nd best RBG group as well as 3rd Best Pve progression
    I also run my server economy

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