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    [WTS] [EU] ★ Challenge Mode 9/9 Gold ★ Alliance & Horde ★ Selfplay & Piloted // HOT!

    We offer you guys a cheap and trusted Challenge Mode 9/9 Gold Run on any EU Realm, Alliance and Horde.

    Blizzard is going to remove the Challenge Mode feature pretty soon, secure your transmog set today before it's too late!

    With the completion of a CM 9/9 Gold Run you'll be rewarded as followed:

    - The title 'The Undaunted'
    - An Ancestral Phoenix Egg which allows you to unlock a Pandarenphoenix Mount of your choice
    - You gain the ability to teleport to each and every MoP dungeon
    - Valor Points Cap for the week
    - 430 Achievement Points
    - a class specific transmog set for your character


    - Character has to be level 90
    - Every slot has to cover an itemlevel of at least 463
    - 12 Invisible Potions
    - 30 Main Stat Pots (Agi/Int/Str)
    - 4 Flasks (Agi/Int/Str/Stam)
    - every MoP dungeon must be completed at least one single time on heroic mode


    - Piloted: 30€ (this means that we'll play your character, therefore we'll need your account details)
    - Selfplay: 70€
    - Single dungeons on Gold: 15€/dungeon

    Payment method: PayPal only

    If you're interested, feel free to contact me on Skype (colddev) or send me a private message on OwnedCore and we'll work things out in no time.

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    We're offering Challenge Mode 9/9 Gold Runs - Cheap and Trusted! > Challenge Mode 9/9 Gold Runs

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