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    [H/A] [EU/US] Gold Challenge Modes Carries

    One of the top European and US, Alliance and Horde Challenge Mode boosters!
    Some members from top tier guilds are currently selling Challenge Mode 9/9 (Gold medal) boosts.
    The run is quick (1.5-2.5 hours for all 9). The prices are listed bellow. Get your Transmog set, Mount, title and Achievements!

    We do only do packages of 9 as we boost 2 people at the same time every time!
    You can be on any realm, no character transfer required.
    9/9 Gold - Self Play: 60 Euro
    9/9 Gold - Piloted: 50 Euro
    9/9 Heroics (If you don't meet the requirements and can't be bothered with it): 30 Euro
    We also accept gold on the servers below:
    EU: Silvermoon, Ragnaros, Mok'Nathal, Ravencrest (Price 120k/138k depends on server & faction)
    US: Zu'jin, Sanguino, Mug'Thol, Akama, Dragnomaw (Price: 100-113k depens on server & faction)

    The best/fastest way to get in contact with us is through skype, Add: xandora12

    - All 9/9 MoP instances completed on Heroic difficulty on the character you want to bring. This is VERY important.
    You cannot enter challenge mode dungeons unless you have the heroics completed on that character.
    Account wide achievements do not give attunement.
    Find out if your character has completed the heroic by mousing over the "10" achievement point reward for each of the 9 dungeons in your "Pandaria Raids and Dungeons" achievement page.
    - 18 second invisibility potions x6
    - Skype and the ability to somewhat understand english. A mic is a plus, but not required.
    - As a Boomkin you will need to have Glyph of Guided Stars, or not use Starfall.

    Our preferred method is to add people to skype, put them in the conversation and agree on a time.
    Otherwise we go whenever our team is on, which is everyday most hours of the day.
    We poke a person at random (Whoever 2 people is online of our buyers, usually the ones who had to wait the longest)
    and we take them. (Euro buyers get priority over gold buyers).

    - The Rewards will be REMOVED next patch!
    - A total of 430 Achievement Points & Class Specific Transmogrifiable Armor.
    - Ancestral Phoenix Egg (Mount).
    - ''The Undaunted'' Title.
    - Free teleport to any MoP instance.
    - Valor cap of the week!

    We have alot of feedback on WoW official forums, but I cannot post it here, whenever you add me on Skype I'll agree to show you our WoW official thread.
    This is our first thread first here, hoping to start getting positive feedback here too!

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