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    WTS MOLTEN WOW Account! BiS Priest & Geared Druid! Insane deal!

    Its time to quit! And the best way is to get rid of the account! Might as well make a couple bucks off of it, and since I mainly just want to get rid of it, I'm selling it for much less than its worth!

    My Skype is daddytrevor0_0
    My Email is [email protected]
    (Don't worry, not the email with the account)

    As for whats on the account...
    First, its a premium account(Yay no Log in Queues! I forgot they even existed really) the account was made around June-July 2012, and has 80 Coins and 90 Vote Points on it currently. Over the past couple years I've put about $500+ into this account.(Don't worry I'm asking for nothing even remotely close). The account has never been banned, and all toons are in very good standings on the server in terms of their names.

    Between the toons:
    Theres about 270k gold.
    About 150 Primordial Saronites.
    Several Epic BoE's.

    All these toons are on Ragnaros and Alliance:

    Volarlann: Level 80 Druid, my original main, like 20 days of play time on him, only about 10% of it is afk time too. Anyway, he has a 5.8k Bear set, and a 5.8k Tree set, both PVE. A couple of PVP items, a couple of items for Kitty and Boomkin sets. Achievements in ICC25HC and ICC10HC(Not Light of Dawn though). Tundra mount, Turtle mount are noteworthy, Max JC and Mining. Pretty much max Rep's for everyone. Plenty of badges from EoF's to EoT's, Stone keeper shards, etc.

    Ebullient: Level 80 Priest. My main PvP toon. She has a BiS(6.3k) Shadow Set for PvP. Almost BiS Disc PvP set. about 5.7k PvE Disc set. Tundra mount, 310% Drake. Enchanting. Currently Max Honor point and max Arena points. Tons of battleground and arena achievements. Have been in top 2v2 teams during multiple seasons with this toon. A bunch of badges, EoFs, EoTs, etc.

    Trixz: Level 80 Rogue. Was going to be for PvP mainly. Shes only got about 4.5k gs, she also become a GBank alt, which holds about 200k right now.

    Tustenn: Level 80 Warrior. Was going to be a Smourne arms PvP and Tank PvE, has about a 3.5k set for PvP and a 4.3k Tank set.

    Sprowl: Level 80 Death Knight. Was going to be mainly a tank, didn't get anywhere with him really, he has about a 2k set on him right now.

    So basically 3 level 80s worth nothing, but a lot of potential, also cuts time for you having to level, and if you want to gear any of them, theres easily enough money on the account, and vote points, and donor points to do so.

    Others(Not important but noting anyway):

    Mistus: Level 60 Shaman.
    Geraus: Level 6 Mage.
    Puns: Level 9 Warlock.
    Holycao: Level 1 Paladin
    Jerftok: Level 31 Hunter(The only Horde toon I have)

    Theres a couple other toons on Lordaeron and Deathwing as well, but nothing worth mentioning.

    Conclusion: My contact info it up top ^ Either PM me on here, add me on skype, or shoot me an email if you're interested. Like I said, I'm not asking for much, and you won't be disappointed. I'm in no hurry to sell, and I'll edit the post or delete it once its sold. If you're reading this, its not sold yet!

    Have a good day.

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