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    Gold on Most EU Realms [ 0.7$ per K ] Legit and Trusted C0ldG Shop

    Hello Ownedcore Community !

    About Myself :
    I have played World Of Warcraft for 6 years with Rank1 pvp title, several gladiators and several content clears as Europe top20. About 2 years i am buying/selling in-game currencies, doing powerlevelling services. Did so many successful trades in this forum and never had a problem with my costumers and suppliers.

    I have done a lot of trades on ownedcore. I am always trying to be nice and fast. Trust and costumer happiness is my key points on this work so i will do my best for you.

    Price is 0.7$ for 1000g. If you want to buy 100k+ i can make small discounts due to my stock.
    I cant list all of the realms i have gold , i will just list populer ones and where, my stock is 250k+. But you can always ask for specific realms via Skype or PM. I got gold on %80 of EU realms.

    Payments will be done via Skrill and Paypal. If you are a well-known person on a platform, got feedbacks etc, if you can convince me that you are trusted i can accept payment via paypal else all payments will be done via Skrill. (Sorry for this but i got really bad experiences with scammers in past, dont even wanna stress with it anymore)

    I am usually online everyday between 12:00-04:00 GMT+2. My skype is online 24/7 you can always add.
    I will update my stocks everday and when needed, you can always add me via Skype and ask/talk, i will always try to help you

    We will contact via skype, you can add me : Coldancelol1

    Current Stocks on some Realms:

    Stormscale-Horde : 1.000.000
    Twisting Nether-Horde : 2.000.000
    Kazzak-Horde : 350.000
    Dreanor-Horde : 250.000
    Argent Dawn-Alliance : 1.000.000
    Frostmane-Alliance : 250.000
    Hakkar-Alliance : 400.000
    Outland-Alliance : 250.000
    Sylvanas-Alliance : 250.000
    Ravencrest-Alliance : 250.000
    Stormreaver-Alliance : 250.000
    Silvermoon-Alliance : 250.000
    Emerald Dream-Alliance : 1.000.000

    And many more, feel free to ask please
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