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    [US] ★★ Looking for Contractors -- PvP and PvE -- Registered Business ★★

    Hey guys,

    My friend and I are starting up our old business - selling PvE/PvP carries.

    We did this through BC up until the end of Cataclysm until we both had to take a break for RL.

    The guilds we worked with have since disbanded so we need fresh blood.

    What we're looking for:

    - We are only interested in people who can provide US services at the moment

    - Individuals, groups or guilds who can perform PvP (Arena, Rated BG, Achievements) and/or PvE (Current expansion Heroic/Reg/Flex Raids, Challenge Modes, Proving Grounds, Levelling, Achievements) services.

    - We expect you to perform these services in professional manner and timely fashion. We will require proof that you can perform the service (streaming your raid etc is more than enough, we don't want free carries).

    - We expect you to excel at the game and know what you're doing -- IE we're not looking for a 2200 player to sell 2200 services, or a first week H Garrosh guild to be selling Hellscream's Downfall. We are interested in multi glad and top US guilds and associated players.

    - We have a strict NO BOTS policy on customers accounts. No PQR, no PE, no Honorbuddy or any other bot. Everything must be done by hand.

    - People who have an interest not only working in this expansion, but into the next expansion as well.

    - Can you do something that's not on the list? We're interested to hear what you can offer.

    What we can offer you and a bit about us:

    - We've been in the business since 2007, at first running and selling ourselves before contracting out to other guilds. We stopped in the middle of 2012 for real life, and now we're going to start up again.

    - It's a registered business. Therefore, we're held accountable and have laws to follow. We're not looking to rip anyone off. We can provide you all the necessary financial paperwork that you may require on your end for tax or other purposes.

    - We can offer 80-90% margins. We keep a percentage of the overall price for the work we do in finding customers.

    - We give 20% of our profits (not yours) to charity so the work you do not only makes the customer happy, but helps all sorts of people around the world.


    - Verified PayPal account to receive payments.

    - Skype

    - The ability to be confidential. You must never directly make contact with the buyer unless authorised to do so. This is to protect both your identity as a guild/individual, and our legal obligations.

    If you think you fit the bill, hit me up on Skype: omfgbrainsurgery

    Let me know what you can offer, what price you charge for it and how much you're willing to part with.

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