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    REALM RECORD Char CM, 17k+ achi, 205Mounts, 50+ feats

    over 17.000 achievements
    205+ mounts :
    well , here is a full collection with no longer obtainables , rare or maybe expensive tcg mounts
    i can show you each mount live ingame or share screen you
    all blizzard store mounts
    90% of all tcg mounts
    about 95% of all game titles
    check the masked armory link to see full mounts list

    armory link - Level 90 Night Elf Warrior | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    the character is geared in PVE around 540+
    the PVP gear is FULL Tyrannical / elite + new set some items ( all what can be available ) so best in slot pvp geared

    over 480 companion's
    over 50 feats of strenght
    9/9 challenge gold mode

    REALM BEST TIME in 6/9 challenge modes
    6x TOP Feats of Strenght for 1#st on REALM

    UNIQUE titles from 1#st Challenge mode RECORD REALM TIME :

    Darkmaster title
    Defender of the wall title
    Jade Protector title
    Purified Defender title
    Scarlet Commander title

    the Insane and alooot of other titles .. in my statistics about 95% of everything from game

    540+ ilvl
    Legendary Cape item
    700k gold
    19x 85 alts around multiple realms
    only warrior + priest are 90 , so all game class
    all BoA leveling items
    tier 3
    all game legendarys obtained + the feats
    gm in a 25 level guild ( is empty now you can transfer the guild too)

    there are alot of things to show and explain since is an old account you can easy realizee there are alot more stuffs
    so add me and lets talk


    original owner of this ?

    what informations i get after buying your account ?
    login / password / sq+answer / oo ID photo / oo registred game cdkeys = everything

    price ?
    an aproximated range price is 400-480 , i guess 450 will be the buyout ( i talk in euro currency )

    what protection i have ?
    ****ing shit .. i quit the game so dont start to me with question like this becouse is a virtual good and second time you buy trought network , so there is no answer .
    in few words , you buy this then is yours forever , i quited the game

    can i see the character ingame ?
    yes , i can show you everything live with share screen or ingame inspection

    contact method ?
    skype , and the Skype ID is: Bink1668

    thanks for reading and waiting the lucky buyer .

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