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    WTB Super Epic Priest PVP reaction Profile.

    Here are the things that I would love to see in a profile. Willing to pay top dollar to have these things implimented in a profile. Im still trying to learn how to write profiles and I don't have enough time to do all of this.

    -I'm a huge fan of vitalic's work. I would like to see an event text over the screen saying when something has happened. The logic he uses to prevent alot of things happening is genuise and I would like something of the same work into a priest profile.

    This is for disc/holy.

    1) Shadow word death {SW;D)

    a) Poly

    b) Blind

    c) Sap

    d) Dragon Breath

    e) Pom Polly, Probably check if there is 1 buff up and dispel it or if there is 2 just SW it.

    f) Scatters, traps, hunter wyvrn sting

    g) Paralyze.

    - There are so many uses for a shadow word death PQR

    2) Life grip on Smoke bomb = Super game changer

    3) Press a button for Feathers right under yourself.

    4) A PQI list of things that you tell it you want to auto dispel from teammates/enemies.

    5) If shadowword death is down it will try to use psyfiend ontop of yourself to eat the trap

    6) If psyfiend is down then it will try to use mindbender to try to stand on top of you to eat the trap. [This is doable from a non-pqr standpoint. You have to use the macro to un-enable the teleport move on it, then manually move it underyourself

    7) Auto mindbender when target is below 40 percent or on use with teammates super cooldowns.

    Would be sick if it could dispel things like fulmination from an ele shaman whenever im not using a key press to heal someone, like if it detects a half a second delay then it will dispel certain buffs.

    *I don't want this profile to heal. It's way to intrusive when these profiles try to heal. Just try to find a way for it to stop casting when certain things happen. And when it detects no heals are going out then it will start dispelling or doing things like that.

    *Like I said i'll help fund a finished project and beta test it or whatever it would take. I think anything near what was just talked about would be gamebreaking and the PQR community will love it.

    -If I find anything close to this ill keep people informed but I've tried all current profiles and they just can't push over 2200 due to the healing aspect, it doesn't always know when to use the right heal. I think take the healing out of alot of the profiles they would be better.


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    stop spamming this shit
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