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    Hearthstone account. 110 (Middleman pref)

    Hello there I'm gonna sell my HS account
    On this account there is.

    Hearthstone (Spend 50€ on cards)
    Starcraft 2: HoTS
    3x WoW
    1x WoW MoP.

    Your price is gonna be 4 character transfers away from the account to another of my accounts so thats.

    Price: 110€/ 150$

    These are gonna be going to get my characters away from the account so you can keep it without ever thinking i might take it back.

    Selling this with or without middleman.
    If middleman is used. You do the fee.

    Just you know that you are gonna go first if no middleman used.

    This is how the trade is gonna be.
    You pay me 110€/150$ (Middleman gets password/username/email and all that or stream/TW it.)
    I transfer all my characters to another account (Middleman watches over on Teamviewer or something - I can stream this to twitch on a secure channel to.)
    Confirms that all of my characters are on another account.
    Gives you the password and username and mail change.

    What i provide in the trade.
    ID Photo (SSN not incluced)
    HS Beta account.
    HoTS SC2 account
    1 World of Warcraft Mists of Pandoria.
    1 World of Warcraft Cataclysm
    1 World of Warcraft Battle chest.
    So total 3 accounts.
    On these three account there is a 90 UD Mage( ilevel 498 ) and some stranglers. 82-81-64 and so on.

    So TL : DR
    You pay me to transfer my characters away from the account you keep the account. eod~

    skype: niklas_fidus
    Will provide facebook and so on for trust.
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