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    HonorBuddy Review

    Ok so i just purchased a 3 day trial for honor buddy, and all i can say is wow! This bot is awesome. started the game, loaded a profile and bam, 5 hours later was level 15. i used only questing.

    I would definitely recommend this bot to anyone looking for one. its really cool the see your toon battling things while your sitting there doing absolutely nothing


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    Now after you see how wonderfull is to use botting program, invest some time and read some guides how to bot safe, and avoid the ban. It is not hard to get banned nowadays, especially on fresh accounts!

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    Starting honorbuddy took me some time to learn, but after a few months of daily use, you will become a pro with it, and want to make your own profiles.

    I love HB, and I would continue to use if I had a WoW account anymore, but I sold mine quite some time ago.
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