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    Battle-net Account.

    Due to recent class nerfs, i've decided to quit the game.

    My battle-net account:
    4x Active WoW Accounts(Two with Mop, two with cataclysm).
    Diablo 3, with a fairly geared lvl 40 char.

    The main wow account is holding:
    1x lvl 90 Alliance Hunter - 546 itemlvl gear, and completed all legendary parts currently available - Will be fairly easy to get into top 10 world guilds with this.
    (Already in a very good top world guild).
    1x lvl 90 Alliance Mage, 504 Itemlvl - Decent gear.
    1x Protpal/Hpal Alliance with 524 Protgear and 510 Holy Gear.
    1x Blood DK Horde with 515 itemlvl gear.

    Account holds somewhat about 100k gold, 155 different mounts including ashes and several other rare mounts.

    the 2nd MoP account holds one character:
    a lvl 90 Horde Warlock, 490 itemlvl.

    The 3rd has a 82 Resto Druid, and the fourth has a 80 Resto Shaman.

    Tons of alts on all of the accounts.

    I'm selling the entire account AND also single-characters.

    PM with offers - interrested buyers are being shown the full account in-game.


    Every character has somewhat full tyr. pvp gear.

    Yes, the account has cleared everything in the game(Pve wise) on the hardest difficulty, prior to any nerfs - Also holds tons of Feats, including unobtainable mounts and titles.
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