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    [LFM] Exploration Leagues and Screenshot Thread

    Welcome to the Exploration thread (hopefully). I will update this thread as often as possible.

    LFM Rules:
    1. Do not share your handle on these pages, or you will risk your account. Do not say LFM XServer, use the list provided to contact individuals through PM.
    2. Contact one of the provided players under the listed server through the OwnedCore PM system.
    3. If you would like to be added to the server listings, please PM me. If you are on the list, please make sure your inbox is somewhat clear. =)
    4. Not so much a rule but a guideline, if a person has never posted on these forums before or is not a long-time leacher, it may be best to not share your handle with them. They could be a NW GM fishing for bans. In that regard, I will not add someone who has made no contributions to the server contact list.

    Beholder: Muramasa

    (IF servers ever merge or split, I will update this list respectively)

    Posting Rules:
    1. Before you post screenshots, know how so you don't spam the topic asking why your upload didn't work.
    2. Always post screenshots from inspect mode (default B on Neverwinter).
    3. If you are adding guide images, please add red lines to show where people need to climb, and feel free to add notes on your picture.
    4. If you must add pictures outside of inspect mode, censor every instance of your name and any names in chat.
    5. This is an exploration thread, not an exploit thread. That means only post places you have found, Easter Eggs, new lands, deadspaces, etc.


    I will also regularly add separate threads that are exploration oriented. If you want me to add your thread, please PM me and I will review it / add it if it isn't a repeat.

    http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo/...tside-map.html Rothe/Whispering Exploration
    http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo/...ion-video.html Enclave Island
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