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    Patch Notes NW.1.20130416a.39

    For those people who are too lazy to google:

    Castle Never
    Players may no longer sneak past the final boss gate.

    Companions can no longer be auto-summoned in certain states, which would occasionally leave the player with two Companions.

    Harper contacts now show the correct average playtime of quests.
    When talking to Harpers, only projects of the same language as the player will show up by default in the Local search. The Featured search still shows all languages.

    Account Guard input fields and navigation buttons now display correctly in IE8.
    Filter dropdowns on Gateway Mobile no longer overlap.
    Gateway Mobile now has an outfit switcher, allowing players to switch between Fashion and Combat outfits.
    Quantities of items (such as Astral Diamonds) attached in mail now display correctly.
    The order of the filters in the Task List now matches the in-game filter order.
    The error message is now more helpful when running into an error on login.
    The Auction Search UI on Gateway Mobile has improved.
    The translation for Guilds and Auction House lists has improved.
    The height of text fields and dropdowns on Gateway Mobile has increased for easier use.
    The login page now has a link back to
    The fonts on the Gateway login screen have improved.
    Rewards and Items
    Archon Shield now correctly grants +6 AC, down from +18 AC.
    The benefit of the Double Astral Diamond Weekend has been removed in situations where it was still in effect.
    The reset timer for chests has been changed in cases where a player logs out and back in again.
    Coffer of Astral Diamonds now uses the same reward UI as other reward packs.
    Items no longer go into the Overflow Bag if there is room in other bags.
    Normal Dread Vault no longer gives Epic Dread Vault loot from the reward chest while the Dungeon event is active.
    The Giftwrap Enchantment in the Level 60 Adventurer's Reward box now correctly grants a Rank 5 enchantment.

    Another contributor to Out of Memory graphics crashes has been fixed.

    Autocomplete no longer automatically takes focus in chat.

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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