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    Freelance Challenge Mode Booster (Discipline Priest)

    Who am I?
    My name is Julian. I am a Dutch, 20-year-old mathematics/informatics student and avid WoW player. In-game I am known as Arthelais (Arthelais @ Alonsus - Community - World of Warcraft) and I play a Discipline Priest both in PvE (hardcore raiding, top-level challenge modes) and PvP (2k+ arena rating current season). I have been playing since Vanilla and I have stuck with Priest since Cataclysm's launch. My biggest achievements are in the challenge modes department, including top 10 times on every challenge mode and multiple European- and/or world records during MoP, aswell as being the highest ranked Discipline Priest on WoWprogress for some time. I am offering my services to fund my studies and to spread my love for challenge modes to others.

    What do I offer?
    My services cover three variations of challenge mode boosting.

    Mentorship for players
    For a weekly pay I will share my Skype details with you and I will answer all your challenge mode questions within 24 hours. These questions can vary from basic tactics required for your specific challenge mode goals to more advanced questions about group compositions, complex tactics and troubleshooting. Every week I have a few hours where I am available for a Skype call or to watch your challenge mode stream and observe your runs. This product is ideal for the following groups:

    • Players new to challenge modes that want to be informed about what you need to know to start
    • Players running with a team of their own, looking for ways to improve
    • Discipline Priests that want to get the most out of their class

    My knowledge about other classes and specs besides Discipline Priests is limited, but you are free to ask me and I can try to forward your question to someone more knowledgable.

    Mentorship for teams
    For an hourly pay I will join your team and run challenge modes of your choice with you, meanwhile teaching you how to improve as a team and as a player in challenge modes and delivering a huge boost to your team's healing and damage output. I will answer questions between and during runs. This product is ideal for the following groups:
    • Teams new to challenge modes looking to learn the ropes and start a team of their own
    • Teams looking to push for their gold times that could use a little help with healing and/or DPS
    • Teams trying to improve their times aiming for realm/world records

    As you can see I teach at every level - from total newbie attempts to top-end runs - so do not worry about where you are right now, I am sure I can teach you a thing or two!

    Freelance boosting
    For a cut in your profits I will join your boosting team and complete a full 9/9 gold run with you. This service requires you to be a skilled and experienced challenge mode team. This product is ideal for the following groups:
    • Companies selling boosts in need of a flexible, skilled healer
    • Challenge mode boosting teams looking for a permanent healer or temporary replacement

    You can expect a high level of professionalism from me. I have all commonly-used voice communication software installed and I am focussed on the job at hand.

    All payments are up-front through PayPal. I only accept payments in euros. All my prices are firm. I guarantee to deliver the products for which you pay and if I fail to deliver in time you will receive a full refund. I don't refund cancelled orders under any circumstances. Prices may vary over time.

    Mentorship for players
    Price: €10,-/week
    Availability: EU/US, Horde/Alliance, languages supported are English, Dutch and German
    Requirements: None

    Mentorship for teams
    Price: €30,-/hour
    Availability: EU Alliance only. EU Horde soon supported! Languages supported are English and Dutch
    Requirements: A team of 4 people (3 DPS and 1 tank) with all 9 MoP dungeons completed on at least Heroic difficulty and 463 iLvl.

    Freelance boosting
    Price: negotiable
    Availability: EU Alliance only. EU Horde soon supported! Languages supported are English and Dutch
    Requirements: Highly-skilled boosting team with experience and a good reputation.

    You can contact me through Skype (RayuEU)
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    I stopped reading when you said "Weekly charge"

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