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    Addon editing for nubs. [easymode]

    I thought I would whip up a little guide for some simple addon editing and modification, Nothing too crazy, just those little personal touches.

    Tip #1 update your "out of date" addon after patch:

    If you have just updated to a new xpack or large pack you may notice allot of your addons breaking. to get things back in order simply go to the .toc file (Table of Contents) in your addons folder. this can be found at

    C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns on windows7
    /Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns on Mac

    for all you curse users out there . Now find the folder of the addon you want to update and click in it. You should see something like blah.lua,blah.toc,blah.xml. You want to open the .toc file, it should look something like this inside

    ## Interface: 50001
    ## Title: iDerp
    ## Notes: i herp when i derp
    ## Version: 3.5

    ignore everything but this guy: ## Interface: 50001. Now there are a few ways to get the current version. Teh Googles will help you and or logic will help, but if not you can always load up WoW and put this guy in chat

    /run print((select(4, GetBuildInfo())));

    this will get the current version, once you have that back to the .toc file and edit the version

    ## Interface: 50001 <---- change me!
    ## Title: iDerp
    ## Notes: i herp when i derp
    ## Version: 3.5

    save and you should now be all set the next time you log in.

    Tip #2 change the text output of addons:

    We will be heading over to our addon folder again but this time we are looking for a few things:

    bad developers - these guys will usually have the text non localized and in the actual .lua file. A simple open in Programmers Notepad or anything like that and a text search for what you want to change will yield results.

    example. I hate SapAlert's formatting with the skulls in the wrong places so i want to change it. I know the text starts with "Sap alert!" so i will do a text search for it...
    sapmsg = "{skull}SapAlert!: " .. destName .. " has been sapped by " .. sourceName .. "{skull}!";
    There you are! If you are completely new to programming concepts i suggest you only change things that are plain text between quotes such as " has been sapped by ".
    If you have previous experience you will also note there are several other variables referenced in this that can be played with. This guide isn't for you!Play around with these, you wont break anything as long as you edit between quotes.

    good developers - These are the best! Go to your chosen addons folder and look for a folder called Localization or Local, in this folder you will see several .lua files with languages as the name such as ENG_US.lua or FRfr.lua. All these contain is references to the code with the appropriate text.. such as i want to change the gspam text in guild lottery so i look and i see a local folder, this means the text is more than likely found in there. I open it up and see tons of strings "Check the website for more info!" and things like this, so i changed it to "Check the calendar for more info!" and saved. Now when I use it I see the new text.

    I have a few more things i will add later. Hope this helps!

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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