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    How-to compile Trinity Zero.

    Hiya, Ownedcore! I realize you may be saying "Why not MaNGOS Zero?" Well, TrinityZero is easier to compile, and while dead has better development in its short time on its run.
    So, lets get started. I'm going to try and be noob-friendly, but don't always count on it. (: (This is for Wandows based operating systems, as TrinityZero does not support Linux to my knowledge.)

    Okay, this is very similar to compiling a TrinityCore 3.3.5.
    So, download the following programs:
    CMake - Cross Platform Make
    Download | Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (scroll down to visual C++ 2010 express, or 2008. Whichever suits your liking.)
    Download HeidiSQL Click Installer (You can get Navicat for DB editing, but Heidi is the only SQL program that is able to run large SQLs)
    Downloads - tortoisegit - Porting TortoiseSVN to TortoiseGit - Google Project Hosting

    Now, lets start!

    - Part 1.
    Set sail!
    Okay, so this is a rather easy part. What you do is create 2 folders, name one TrinityZero (name it whatever you want, I just made mine TrinityZero), this will be the source code. Right click on the folder, and then click "Git Clone" or "clone". It'll open Tortoise git for you. Now click the bar next to URL and type this "" without quotes. Now, while that clones lets make a new folder called "TrinityZero build". Wait for TrinityZero to finish cloning, should it be successful click "close"

    - Part 2.
    Okay, so next you need to run CMake. When it opens, it'll ask for a source code and build folder. For the first line (where is the source code), you'll open TrinityZero, then open click TrinityZero inside that folder. Now, for the build you'll click TrinityZero build. Now you need to click the configure button. It should give you a bunch of red or error lines.
    Just make sure they are checked and re-configure. After it is configured twice, click Generate. Remember to make sure you select your compiler as visual C++ 10 with native compilers. Done? good, lets take a break. Haw haw, stop slacking!!

    - Part 3.
    This is essentially the hardest part. What you are now going to do is navigate into your build folder and run TrinityZero(or TrinityCore).sln, the visual studios solution/project. Then, look at the top. Instead of letting it say "Debug" YOU NEEEEEED to make sure its on release. Then click the green error and enjoy the compiling. Done compiling? Sweet!

    - Part 4.
    This is where MySQL comes in handy. Now, go to the TrinityCore folder and open the SQL folder. Log into heidisql with your SQL info *eg Root Turtles* and the appropriate port. Now, you will create a few databases. One called "World", one called "characters" and one called "Auth". Now, run the SQLs in the appropriate parts (This means run characters under characters and world under world). Once this is done, we can move on.

    - Part 5.
    The Bin.
    Move to your bin folder in your Trinity build. Copy all those files into a spare folder named something you'll remember. I'll make mine, TurtleMonkey. Now, i'll copy all my files in the BIN to TurtleMonkey. Then, open the .conf files with notepad or Notepad ++ (Screw you, edit++3). Now go down to where it shows default MySQL info.This is easier by typing Ctrl + f and typing 3306. Now, change that to match the mySQL info YOU have set. After that, you have yourself Trinity Zero.

    - Part 6.
    Why TZ?
    Well, TrinityZero tends to use less hacks and is a more stable core. It can hold over 300 people no problem without having an ultra badass Linux computer. They also have more bugs ironed out, not to say they are flawless, because they aren't. (They, being TrinityZero.). I will write a guide on how to add scripts later. Until then, enjoy TrinityZero to its fullest.

    Thanks for reading, best regards


    PS. Need help? NP! Skype request Iamaturtlehehe or PM me, I do Teamviewer support and Skype support *Although, I am mute, so I don't have a microphone :|*.
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    If I helped you, feel free to say so. I want to know that i'm helping. (:

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