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    [Client/Server Patch Required] How to add CUSTOM .Playall Ids to your server!

    Hey there ownedcore! Been a while since I contributed anything so I thought I'd make a quick guide on how to add your own music in the wow client to make the whole server hear it when ever you type in .playall (ID).

    Please note: This does require both client & server side patching, and you will need to have your players download the patch you make if you want them to be able to hear it!

    Things you are going to need:

    Patch-S.MPQ/sound/music/ (Create a folder inside folder and name them until you have this directory)
    DBCUtility (Converts DBC files to CSV, Google it, you need Microsoft Excel to use this form of editing)
    Any DBC Editor that can add new lines into a dbc.
    Your music in .MP3 format.

    Step 1: Setting up the files.
    To start, we are going to rename all your music to have no spaces in it at all, like this:
    Attachment 10846
    After you have renamed all your music, we are going to copy the location of where you have put it in your Patch-S.MPQ folder.
    Attachment 10847
    So that path, would be Sound\Music (We don't want to add Patch-S.MPQ onto that).

    Step 2: Implementing into the dbc.
    Next step is we are going to open up SoundEntries.DBC.CSV.
    Scroll right down to the bottom and add a new idea with any number you'd like and as many ids as you'd like.
    So for mine, I'll be adding 20 bleach soundtracks to the game.
    Note how I have filled out the tables.
    Attachment 10848

    A: Entry ID, this is the ID you'll be using to .playall the sound.
    B: Put this as 10.
    C: This doesn't really matter, just put the shortened name of your music with out the file format.
    D: This matters, make sure you get it right. Put in the full file name, including the format of your music.
    E-M: Leave all of these blank.
    N: Put 1 in there.
    O-W: 0 for all of them.
    Now as for the rest:
    Attachment 10849

    As you can see my file location is in sound\music\zonemusic, if you just put yours in sound\music, just put that in that column.
    As for the rest, just copy what you see in my pic there.

    I hope this helped some people, I spent about 2 hours finding out how to do this.
    I almost forgot. Add the soundentries.DBC to Patch-S.MPQ/DBFilesclient
    And add the soundentries.DBC to your servers /dbc folder.
    Upload Patch-S.MPQ and distribute to all your players.
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