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    EU/US Unmerged SOR WOW Account / Free Lvl80/ Free Cataclysm ->48000G / 9€ HotSelling

    WTS UNmerged WoW Account - Eligible for New Scroll of Resurrection!
    FREE Boost >>> Cataclysm expasion+level 80 Character

    These UNmerged US/EU WoW Accounts were registered in 2004-2008,most are frozen in 2009.these accs have clean history you dont need to worry about they used for spamming or gold farming,afteryou merged it to your bnet acc,it will be under your own name/SQA/Address and all! and you can send the SOR invitation to the bnet acc email from your friend's or your other wow acc and get rewards!

    I do not have full information of those accounts ,only account name and password .If you get it banned ,barely much I can do,think before you buy .
    Disclaimers Listed below ,You can buy as long as you accept discliamers !

    All unmerged accounts have been frozen before battle.nets launched,
    which are all good Ones without penalty,I am not responsible to what happens to accounts after you merge it.
    Hi Everybody ,Welcome to my thread !

    Over 1000 Feedbacks HERE!
    SoR (Scroll of Resurrection) / Unmerged WoW Accounts
    Posting your transaction on this thread will get you 1 Month WoW Gametime free with each purchase
    Post before contacting and update post after purchase accounts, one month Raf Time Will be Gifed when buying next time
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is Good about SoR Unmerged accounts

    I have decided to start my cheapest promotion ever because SoR is ending soon!
    Take this benefit to get a VERY cheap and good account now!

    1 Unmerged Account 13€ Euro / 16$ USD per Account
    2 Unmerged Account 12 € Euro / 15$ USD per Account
    3 Unmerged Account 11.5 € Euro / 14.5$ USD per Account
    4 Unmerged Account 11 € Euro / 14$ USD per Account
    5 Unmerged Account 10 € Euro / 13$ USD per Account

    Most of them start from Feb.2005
    Only50+ Accounts in stock Today
    Payment history

    17th/03/2006 - 03th/03/2009 With 12Months
    20th/10/2006 - 07th/09/2009 With23Months
    06th/03/2006 - 19th/05/2009 WIth 21Months
    14th/07/2006 - 09th/08/2009 With 30Months
    14th/06/2006 - 17th/01/2009 With 20Months
    11th/02/2005 - 12th/05/2009 With 48Months
    11th/02/2005 - 30th/07/2009 With 35Months
    12th/02/2005 - 27th/05/2009 With 19Months
    12th/02/2005 - 23th/10/2009 With 36Months
    12th/02/2005 - 07th/08/2009 With51Months
    11th/02/2005 - 31th/08/2009 With 51Months
    11th/02/2005 - 09th/06/2009 With 25Months
    12th/02/2005 - 15th/12/2008 With 32Months

    Contactme first and get first !!!

    [Guide] How scroll of resurrection works
    Scroll of Resurrection Walkthrough

    Skype :thomas59939
    MSN:[email protected]


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