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    WTS Hero of the alliance, Grand marshal Paladin (ID verified seller) 5 85s

    Hello Ownedcore,

    I'm looking to sell my account of five years. I have all the original information. All of the personal details, the secret question and the original email of the account. The account has never had any warnings or ever been banned and has a month of game time on it.

    Account comes with Diablo 3 with a level 60 wizard and level 30 demon hunter
    Mists of Pandaria Beta access
    Full World of Warcraft cataclysm
    the account has bank toons on several servers with over 200k gold worth of mats right now
    First character

    This paladin Has hero of the alliance
    85 holy paladin

    163,000 Health
    135,000 Mana
    5028 resilience
    9175 Achievements
    404 item level
    Full elite cataclysmic gear with heart of the unliving and Tsunami trinket
    Grand Marshal title
    2500 rating in pvp
    310% flying
    40 different titles
    80 mounts mounts including the Vicious War Steed, The Sea turtle, Obsidan nightwing, Mekgineers chopper, Tyrael's Charger, X-53 Touring rocket headless horseman mount, great brewfest kodo.
    90 pets including the core hound pup.
    33 exalted reputations
    20 feats of strength
    Character has 4 Vicious war steeds that are battle.net bound that you can send to any alt.
    20,000 gold

    Second Character

    85 balance druid
    144,000 health
    114,000 mana
    382 item level
    525 herbalism
    525 mining

    Third Character
    80 holy paladin
    4000 achievements
    31,211 health
    28,519 mana
    247 item level
    52 mounts
    47 pets including the onyxian whelping, Mr wiggles, Egbert,
    280% flying
    11 feats of strength

    fourth character
    80 ret paladin

    sixth character
    85 disc priest

    seventh character
    85 death knight

    If you are interested in buying the account send me a PM or contact me on skype at rebornagain1. Users with a high reputation and standing will get the account first. Users that have little or no reputation will be expected to pay first. I don't have a set price in mind and i'm not desperate to sell the account, however i am open to negotiate a price. All payments will be done under paypal.

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    Status: Trade

    How does your pally have 135k mana when the mana cap is 100k?

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