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    WoW Account + D3, Sc2, Sc1, D2+exp, War3+exp

    Primarily selling the WoW Account because that is where all the real value is, but the other games are attached to the battlenet account as well.

    All characters have at least 280% mount speed with most of them having 310%. My characters have been around since vanilla with a few race / name changes. Which means that most of them have reputations that you can no longer get. I played my Death-Knight through-out WotLK and received realm first Grand Crusader. (during the argent tournament patch) The Death-Knight will have several rare WotLK mounts from the achievements I participated in during the expansion. I played my Warlock through Cataclysm. Our guild is currently #1 on our server and as a result, my warlock is amazingly geared. He currently has the legendary staff and could not want more for items. It is also my oldest character, which means it has the most reputations and mounts relating to Burning Crusade, Vanilla, ect. I have all the heirloom items, which will make leveling a panda quite easy. (if they are allowing it)

    **I have several level 70 characters who are no longer receiving experience (something that can be reversed in game) because they are Twinks. These Twinks are for the sole purpose of queuing into pvp arena/battlegrounds because they have amazing gear for their level. I have taken gear from WotLK and Cata and put it on these characters who fight other level 70 in far worse gear. I put *A LOT* of time into getting these characters fully decked out to beast everyone in the same brackets. They are next to unstoppable.

    Quick Overview of the WoW Account:
    85 warlock itm lvl 403 310% several rare mounts from outland-cata legendary raid gear and pvp gear 525 tailoring/eng/cooking exalted vanilla-cata reps
    85 priest itm lvl 376 280% 525 enchanting
    85 warrior itm lvl 364 280% pvp gear tank gear 525 blacksmithing/mining
    85 rogue 280% pvp gear 525 alchemy/inscription
    85 hunter 280% 525 skinning/mining
    85 death knight 310% 525 jewelcrafting/herbalism legendary rare mounts from wotlk
    70 paladin fully geared / wotlk gemmed twink engineerng
    70 shaman fully geared / wotlk gemmed twink engineerng
    70 death knight fully geared / wotlk gemmed twink engineerng/jewelcrafting
    64 druid

    P.M. with offers.

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