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    10 US PvP geared 85s + tons of extras & unobtainables

    Item name: US 10PvP full gear 85 of each class.
    Item type: US World of Warcraft Account
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Payment Amount: $1000 now, will be 2000$ if you wait until I start playing mists.
    Info on it:
    Full PvP account, login pvp on every / any class of your choice, logout no farming required I’ve done all the farming you will need for the rest of the patch, updating your gear will be practically free next patch as long as you do some arena.
    No longer obtainable items on account / Warrior main: Dragonstrike, Stormherald, Swift Zherva, Mountain Dew Warbot, 5 year anniversary onyxian whelpling, Tyrael’s Charger.

    A monk 90 full pvp will be added to the account in mists. Will most likely come with tier 10 rogue look alike mog, I am currently planning on making a Blood Elf Female or Pandaren female haven’t decided. If you make the down payment mentioned above I can farm you a good monk mog set of your choice and pick the race, features ect that you want..

    85 Warrior Orc Male Cataclysmic Very unique no longer attainable weapons Hammersmithing & Jewelcrafting 525. Max fishing. Max Cooking.
    Warrior has some nice achievements and title’s (Centurion, Kingslayer ect.) nearly completed on what a long trip it’s been, got shut out of wow(corrupt client redownload from scratch) so it didn’t get done, just needs 2 small 3minute achievements in the latewinter to spring. I don’t see this as a major sell point though I hate the achievement system myself I am selling it as a PvP account with every class geared. Warrior also has several other good looking moggable sets in bank.
    85 Hunter Troll Male Cataclysmic (all of the coolest and best pets, every special spell) ToGc sword if they add pvp agi swords, Moggable. Leather Working & Skinning 525
    85 Druid Tauren Male Cataclysmic Enchanting & Herbalism 525
    85 Shaman Goblin Female Sham also has t6 and more in bank. Cataclysmic Engineering & Tailoring 525
    85 Mage Night Elf Female Cataclysmic Enchanting & Jewel crafting 525
    85 Rogue Human Female Cataclysmic Skinning & Leatherworking 525 Max fishing
    85 Priest Worgen Female Half Cataclysmic Half Ruthless Herbalism & Inscription 525
    85 Warlock Undead Female Ruthless Alchemy & Inscription 525
    85 Paladin Tauren Female Cataclysmic Mining & Skinning 525
    85 Death Knight Tauren Male Ruthless Tailoring & Engineering 525
    Each class has a tasteful transmogrification set shown in picture above.


    Gold to thrive on Mists of Pandaria

    Account currently has MoP Beta access ability to copy full cata 85s there to pvp.

    Every Profession

    Black War Bear, Swift Spring strider, Tyrael's Charger, Netherrays, Talbuks, Red Proto Drake, Drake of the Westwind, Black War Mammoth, Cammels, Raven Lord and more.
    Pets; Firefly, ancona chicken, creepy crate, feline familiar, argent gruntling, cockatiel, curious oracle hatchling, curious wolvar pup, giant sewer rat, cockroach, black kingsnake, golden dragonhawk hatchling, hawk owl, miniwing, Onyxian Whelpling*, Great Horned Owl, horde Balloon, Mr. Chilly, Peanut, Green Wing Macaw, Lumpy, Mr. Wiggles, Perky Pug, Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, Sea Pony, Sinister Squashling, Strand Crawler, Plimp Turkey, Senegal, Spirit of Summer, Toothy, Scooter the snail, Siamese Cat, Spring rabbit, Warbot*, White Tickbird Hatchling, Willy, Wolpertinger.

    Mounts;Talbuks(mage), Raven Lord(rouge), War bear(War, hunter and Druid), Ghost Wolf(Hunter), Zherva(warrior), Red proto drake(war), Drake of west wind (war) Keep in mind that nearly all of these mounts will be account wide come Mists. Trikes(Shaman), Camel (shaman), All human horses (rogue), All night elf saber tigers (Mage), Frostwolf (druid), Thunderbluff Kodo(war), all orc wolfs (war), all tauren kudos (all tauren chars), Paladin Kodo, Death chargers (dk). & more

    Every character is available to recustomization, faction transfer, race change & server transfer.

    Every character has really neat sought after names, but you can also change those to your desire.

    Included free
    Diablo III
    Level 60 Barbarian male softcore
    Level 60 Demon hunter female sorfcore

    Right now the account is 1000$ until mists comes out. Each toon will be leveled to 90 and have full pvp sets in Mists of Pandaria. The price of the account will go up to 2000$ at that time and wont be available until late November or mid December, if you actually plan on buying after MoP is released you can tell me which spec of pvp gear to buy and I will do that but price will go up to 2200$ and will require a down payment of 50$ for me to select the gear for the spec you want.

    Vanilla account never botted never hacked never cheated never exploited clean account. There is no authenticator on the account. The account is sold as is and is in good standing and active, I have included all of the things I think to be major sell points, there’s many other mini bonuses that you may or may not notice. Every character is mog’d as in the screen shot and also fully Cataclysm or Ruthless geared. Once you have the account info after I receive payment, no charge backs will be permitted. I give you my word everything I have listed here is on the account choose to believe me or not… This account is worth it tons of time and care put into it. Dream PvP account. I will yield you complete info including CD-Keys which are used to restore the account if it gets hacked at all.
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