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    85 Rogue w/ 8930 Acheivement Points and alts (2 other 85s) (60 Monk included)

    With Cross Toon Acheivements coming out in MOP, now is the perfect time to score an account with tons of rare titles, mounts, and vanity! This account features:
    • Fishing and Cooking Metas (Salty and Chef titles)
    • X-53 Touring Rocket and the new Obsidian Nightwing RAF Mounts
    • What a Long Strange Trip It's Been Meta (Violet Proto-Drake)
    • Murkimus the Gladiator (Arena Tourney Pet + Vanquisher title)
    • Scourer of the Eternal Sands (rewards the Camel Hoarder title)
    • 2200 Acheivement in 3s, 2000 in 2s and 5s (only two acheivements away from Arena Master Meta)
    • Full T1, T2, T10, T11, T12, T13 and plenty of other rare transmog sets including the now unobtainable Stormshroud Armor (Edwin Vancleef lookalike)
    • Full 403 Cata PvP gear with 403 Wrath of Unchaining and Stage 1 Legendary Daggers (40/333 for Stage 2) and an average iLvl of 393 for PvE gear (has 4 set t13).

    You get the following:
    Rogue has 525 Engineering/Leatherworking/First Aid
    Paladin has 525 Skinning/Mining (great farm toon) and X-53 Touring Rocket. Also has full 365 Vicious Ret Set and full 384 Ruthless Holy Set along with 2000 rating acheivements in 2s and 3s.
    Alt 85 DK
    Alt 81 Mage has 450 Enchanting/Tailoring and Flying Carpet
    Alt 70 twinked out Prot Warrior with 2 set Sunwell and full WOTLK gems

    Has about 58K gold across all toons and 29 Queen's Garnets on the Rogue (enough to fully epic gem out whatever toon you decide to main and then some)

    Also included in this buy is a level 60 Monk with around 150 Hours played and pre nerf kills on Inferno Butcher, Belial, and Azmodan. Good enough gear to clear Inferno Diablo post nerfs with 15 mil worth of gear.

    I was hoping for about 700 dollars for this account, but will take any reasonable offers. Contact me on skype (username: shawnssj) for armory links and all other inquiries.

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