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    Lazybot question

    I have been botting mining on my main with the flying engine and I want to bot herbing and mining on my lvl 39. I can't seem to find if I can bot with a ground mount. Is there anyway to bot with a ground mount on a lvl 39?

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    yes you can, but there is a catch ...
    since flying engine has the hight coord also, you will have to record a new profile for the zone you want to bot in, using a ground mount. i would advise not going near hills/trees since when the bot sees a node he will deviate from the path to pick up that node, and will take the shortest way back to the path. also, you can try using the latest version from my support thread, the one modified by rombot, he added a max distance for the bot to deviate from the path, you can lower that to be safer that it won't stuck in a hill/tree/rock or something like that.

    happy botting.

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