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    Dank Cellar (Sarkoth) Farming As A Hunter

    This is my Version for Demon Hunters.
    My Build
    Demon Hunter - Game Guide - Diablo III

    The Dank Cellar have a pretty high spawn rate,40-50% of the times.

    You need to go to act 1, part 2 – Legacy of Cain, Explore the cellar and start.
    This starts you off in Tristram, so you need to head to the WP and teleport to “The Old ruins”.
    You get a checkpoint in the old ruins, when you go there. So subsequent runs start you off in the old ruins.
    From the Old ruins you need to run to the left for about 15 seconds.

    Primary – Evasive Fire with Covering Fire
    Good damage output and great hatred regen. At 125% weapon damage and 4 hatred regen per shot, this is the most efficient damage per hatred regen skill we have.

    Secondary – Rapid Fire with Fire Support
    So you can take Sarkoth down quicker.

    Action Bar Skills

    1. Spike Trap with Scatter
    BIGABDABOOM. This is where your main damage will come from – 275% weapon damage.
    Place it right on Sarkoth
    Two times and some Rapid Fire and hes dead in less than 5 seconds.

    Hunting – Vault with Tumble
    Keep on moving! You will use this more than once!
    Vault will help with getting to Dank Cellar Quicker

    3. Preparation with Battle Scars

    HEAL MEAH! This is your only heal outside of potions, and in Inferno, you will need it! This has saved me countless times and I can’t imagine soloing without it.
    Also helps to refill your Discipline if you spammed Vault.

    4. Companion with Ferret Companion
    Do I need to say more?! We're farming for gold so that extra 10 Gold Find is great!


    Archery – DPS increase for any weapon. I normally use a 2 hand bow, but the bonuses from this skill are too valuable to pass up.
    Sharpshooter – You're not attacking anything on your way to Dank Cellar so your Crit will be off the wall.
    Tactical Advantage – Super Speed! 60% movement speed, even for 2 seconds, is amazing.
    I can get to Dank Cellar from Resume Point using only Vault Twicce.

    Like I said...Alot of people know about this.
    But I haven't seen one for a Demon Hunter.
    I only have 247 Gold Find So I'm still farming To Get a better set.
    So there you go my Demon Hunters!
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