[Request] Help w/Basic AHK macro (for AH) menu

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    [Request] Help w/Basic AHK macro (for AH)


    I'd like to script a basic macro which will open the AH, send a series of clicks to input a custom AH search, stop (so I can manually look through the auctions), then cycle on to my next search (all through one toggle key such as Numpad7). Been trying for a while but can't figure it out.

    These are the commands that I'm trying to integrate for the first search:

    send, {Esc}
    Click, 240, 640; ah button
    Click, 500, 240; equipment button
    Click, 623, 382; armor dropdown arrow
    Click, 556, 518; select armor
    Click, 620, 428; armor type dropdown arrow
    Click, 480, 500; select armor type
    Click, 417, 506; level box
    send 60; e.g. level 60
    Click, 577, 594; stat 1 dropdown menu
    Click, 533, 765; select stat 1
    Click, 576, 635; stat 2 dropdown menu
    Click, 571, 678; goes to "none" in the dropdown menu so I can start to scroll down
    Loop 7; is this how you scroll down with mousewheel 7 times?
    Click WheelDown
    Click, 509, 915; select life on hit
    Click, 616, 632; min value box
    Click, send 350
    Click, 614, 760; max buyout box
    send 9999999
    Click 1423, 679
    Click 1423, 679; click here twice to sort the buyout from min-max

    Any help would be appreciated. If it's more work than normal, I can tip some in-game gold. Thanks!

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