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    Auction House under bidding

    Im new to all this but had a question. Maybe its been done and i missed itin my search. and maybe the idea is down right stupid. But i wanna throw it out there becaus you all seem intelligent and very clever so maybe its something that could be worked on. maybe not

    With all the basic add-ons that any joe blow can download on curse and other similar sites people have the ability to randomly dump large amounts of stuff all over the AH and under bid you by a few gold here and there. with just a click of a few buttons ppl can see the lowest priced item and underbid and bam there it is cheaper than yours.. then 10min later someone else does the same thing. In turn driving value of an item into the dirt.

    Would it be possible to make a script that would allow you to post an item and then purchase all the items that are put up under bidding yours and turn around and resell them for the price you choose?

    I know this sounds kinda dumb. But if you did that you could essentially control the cost of that item and make profit off of each underbidder. I dont think this could be done on a broad scale across the entire AH but singling out a few specific items may let you corner the market a bit.

    I know there are big problems with this idea, like getting stuck with tons of crap that may not sell. But say there are 3 glyphs up and you put yours up for the price of one of those. then someone powerleveling glyphs comes on and dump 10 of the same glyph for 2 gold less than what you put yours up for. You buy the 10, resell them at your price and make 20 golds off of the resell plus your original item
    sells for what you really want for it.

    this could be dicey with large amounts of trade goods being dumped all over the place, but that would stand to make money too. especially if you waited say 12hrs for 3-4 ppl to underbid you to the point of retardation.

    I was reading the thread on a diff forum on this site about a script that would ninja neutral AH items that were trying to be transfered and i simply loved the idea. As i was reading it and the comments i thought about how much i hate underbidders and what may be done to profit from them a bit.

    I am very new to all this and it was just an idea. Maybe one that has been done already and im making myself look a fool. or maybe the idea is just so absurd again i looking like a fool. But i was bored and drinking some wine and thought id throw it out there for yall to knock down or work with,

    either way thanks for readin!
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