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    Minor Map Exploit, Dahlgur Oasis

    I found a minor map exploit last night in the Dahlgur oasis while playing my barb and found it was reasonably easy to replicate, I am not 100% sure if it will only work on Dune Dervish mobs, as they probably have a larger hitbox then most, and with a unique attack animation it could be the only mob it would work on, but if you do come into a pack of Champion dune dervish's this would not be a bad place to kite them if you were having trouble with certain affix's.


    What i found was that if i stood at the bottom of the stairs and held shift, i could still attack them at the top of the stairs, as you can see by my 5 stacks of frenzy, and they were not in range to hit me even though their attack animation would attempt to do so, even with the frozen affix, i did not get hit by it once, it seemed that from where i was standing the mob would attempt to place them everywhere but where i was.

    This is not majorly useful but is a minor bug in a map that could be played with i guess and i thought id share, i hope someone appreciates it.

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