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    Act 1 Inferno Farming

    Long time member but haven't really posted anything useful in a long time so i thought i would try making a guide.
    I have noticed that a similar method has been posted but i kind of like my way better ^.^

    This guide is about farming Act 1 inferno and includes killing champ/elite packs, 1-3 resplendent chests, and The Warden and The Butcher.
    I use this a lot because it doesn't require MF and isn't very hard to get done.

    I timed myself for this run and it took me 37 min to complete and that includes taking screen shots and teleporting to sell/salvage/stash.


    1. Be able to kill champ and elite packs as well as the butcher in under 3 attempts.
    2. MF is nice but not required

    I personally run this with 14 MF and some okay stats

    Attachment 7834

    Start Act 1 Quest 9: The Imprisoned Angel at the checkpoint The Cursed Hold

    Attachment 7832

    Farming Stacks:
    There are many places you can go to do this but there 2 that i favorite more than any other and that is Southern highlands and Northern Highlands/Leoric's Hunting Grounds

    Southern Highlands
    To get here you go to the waypoint: Highlands Crossing and head west.
    This place is good to farm stacks because it usually contains 2-4 elite packs and is fairly easy to farm.
    But what makes this area so good to farm is the Cave of the Moon Clan levels 1 and 2 - Finding this means all 5 stacks almost guaranteed as well as a resplendent chest.
    (OPTIONAL) Once you have cleared the cave's lower level head to the resplendent chest and teleport back to town. Once in town switch out your main set of gear with your MF set and head back to the cave to open the resplendent chest.

    Attachment 7849

    At This point i had to teleport to town and deal with my near full bags (16 min in)

    Act 1 Inferno Farming-screenshot019-jpg

    Northen Highlands/Leoric's Hunting Ground
    While this area does not contain a resplendent chest (that i know of) it usually has 2-4 elite packs and is a lot quicker to clear and you have more room to kite.

    The Warden
    Head to The Halls of Agony Level 2 waypoint once you have 3-5 stacks (i say 3 because you are bound to run into an elite pack and there is another elite pack that you are guaranteed to run into in the Highlands Passage that links Halls of Agony levels 2 and The Cursed Hold.)
    Fight your way to The Cursed Hold and complete the quest to summon The Warden.
    Kill The Warden and collect your loot (i average 8 blues and 2-3 yellows from him)
    (Forgot pic of the loot pile)

    The Butcher
    Make your way through The Halls of Agony Level 3 to fight the butcher.
    I say kill him in 3 or less attempts because any more would be a waste of time - and time is money in this case (of course finish him if you are on him but this may not be the method for you.
    Kill The Butcher - Collect Loot
    Act 1 Inferno Farming-screenshot024-jpg I average 8 blues and 2-3 yellows on the butcher as well.

    Act 1 Inferno Farming-screenshot025-jpg

    (OPTIONAL):after killing the butcher you can continue on to save Tyrael for an extra 3250g and a small chance at loot. (very small)

    On this run i picked up a handful of gems, 52k in looted gold/vendor trash, 14 Tome of Secrets, 14 Exquisite Essences (selling for 1500 each currently), 4 Iridescent Tears and 2 belts that i will sell on the Auction House - 1 for 50k and another for 150k

    This run fetched me ~250,000 gold for 37 min of work and that was with my templar being a retard and pulling an elite and champ pack at once (3 deaths but its k)
    In earlier runs i was able to get items that almost immediately sold for 500k each (both crazy good amulets)

    Thanks for reading - any questions comments or critiques feel free to post.
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