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    Inferno Belial [EASY MODE] requires good gear. (Wizards only)

    Skill Build:

    Hydra - Venom
    Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
    Energy Armor - Force Armor
    Familiar/Teleport - Sparkflint/Reversal
    Arcane Orb - Tap The Source
    Archon - Improved Archon

    25k-40k HP
    40k + DPS
    resistances are NOT needed

    How it works:
    this build basically is a DPS type build for belial. you will be using Force Armor with 25k-40k HP to enjoy the fact of having a huge DPS and NOT get 1 hit. As the new Force armor rune absorbs upto 100% of your hp, having 25k-40k hp will let you survive a single hit from belial. having 25k-40k hp is a pretty low requirement with enables you to focus on more int and gets you more dps to finish off belial.

    What to do:

    Phase 1:
    If you have a dps of 50-60k+ just use archon and finish off the snakes easily.

    if your dps is about 30k-40k summon a hydra in the center and use archon at the lower right most corner and finish off the mobs there.
    and try to save up some health globes for phase 2

    Phase 2: (hardest phase i believe)
    you will be able to get belial to about half hp before the snakes spawn here and that is because there is a certain timer before they spawn if you finish off
    phase 1 fast enough and that is the advantage of this build going high dps.

    at this phase you will still have archon on for about 10 seconds and you would want to get belial about 1/2 or 2/3 of his hp during that time.
    start in the center and as he spawns there use archons skill 1 as it has low cooldown and deals a great amount of damage. after a certain
    hp damage, belial will run away and start sending out the 3 poison thingys and you should have the templar to tank about 2-3 waves and during
    that time is your chance to finish belial off to send him to his 3rd phase.

    phase 3:
    this phase is more of skill now and the technique showed in the video will help you a lot on defeating this phase.
    ideally belial will send 2 single arm hits before he uses hoth arms then does 2 more arm hits. so what you will want to do is
    run from center to left then back to center then to the left corner because that is when he will use his poison breath. just repeat this
    process while hydra is damaging belial and when belial does poison breath is ur time to do extra dps on him.

    please watch the video to clearly understand what i mean more.

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