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    Poor man's guide to Inferno (Demon Hunter)

    First of all I'd like to say that this build is similar to the build suggested at https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/to...1718026?page=1.

    The build: Demon Hunter - Game Guide - Diablo III
    (Note : battle scars rune can be swapped for any other, I just feel safer with the heal but focused mind or backup plan are probably both
    stronger with optimal play)

    The Concept:

    This build is made to make it able to stay in invisibility for as long as possible by
    giving maximum discipline generation.
    (Invis uptime is somewhere around 70-100%, depeneding on what you're fighting.)

    For those who don't know what the invisiblity does:
    removes all imobilizes.
    dodges all projectiles.
    Can not die (but can drop to 1 hp from standing in aoe effects)
    Mobs will not attack you.
    All your abilities work as normal

    Since you are basically invincible most of the time you can kill alot of stuff without any gear
    , I personally have killed several rare mobs in Inferno and my gear is pretty shitty to say the least
    (19k hp 11k dps)

    How to play it

    The Templar companion is strongest imo, he will stay away from you when you are invis since he is melee
    and he can survive for a while against alot of semi-strong mobs. And his hatered regen aura is the most useful of all auras for this build.

    Hatred regen and bonus Discipline are both very good stats.
    Dexterity is as good as always.
    Vitality is for sissies, and real men just go invis instead.

    Do not use multishot if you are at full discipline!
    Try to keep your distance, the mobs wont follow you in general
    when in invis, so getting some distance can give you an extra 1-2 seconds
    of not being in danger when the invis runs out.

    Make sure to respawn Ferret companion every time you die, it helps alot with regen!

    When farming rares or just killing normal mobs:
    If you dont plan to kill any bosses at all switching out nightstalker and sharpshooter
    for Steady aim and Vengeance can greatly increase killing speed without sacrificing too much invis time since
    you will get quite alot of health bubbles when playing normally.
    The more mobs the better since your multishot will generate more discipline by hitting more mobs.
    Consecvently you also always want to focus the stronger mobs with bola shot to avoid killing of any mobs
    for as long as possible.

    Things to avoid:
    Invulnerable minions rares.: These are pretty impossible to kill.
    Shielding rares which run fast: These are hard to kill since there is alot of time when you cant DPS, some are doable though.

    Things to love:
    Rares with horde: these are just super easy and gives alot of targets for multishot to generate discipline on.
    Rares with illusions: same as above.

    Things that can be dangerous:
    mobs with molten which run fast: the molten effect on the ground will damage you when in invis which can be a problem in tight areas.
    Wallers with other annoying attributes: They can cause problem in resource generation by blocking your attacks with walls causing you to be
    unable to invis, can especially cause trouble in tight areas.
    Them gold goblins (will probably solve itself with better gear):
    You have low dps so killing them before they port out can be hard if you let them start casting it.
    They wont cast it as long as you do damage to them often enough, but this can also be slightly troublesome since
    Bola shot has a slight delay before it does damage and multishot costs alot of hatred.

    Things to remember:
    You can almost always skip any pack by popping invis twice and prep and then invis again.

    When killing bosses

    Bosses with adds:
    use multishot on adds for maximum discipline gain obviously.

    Bosses without adds/few adds:
    These can be somewhat difficult depending on the fight since your invis uptime in general cant be high enough to keep you safe
    with the extremely slow killing speed which this build gives, however by timing your invis properly you can generally kill any boss anyway.
    Basically only use invis when you need to avoid abilities or attacks and try to kite at all other times. If discipline is getting low, sometimes you can invis
    and run as far away from the boss as possible which might cause a delay in him coming after you when the invis runs out.

    Pros and Cons
    You can basically kill anything
    You can freely (most of the time) skip any mob packs which are too strong by just chaining invis and running past them

    You kill most things quite slow.
    This should probably not be used in multiplayer games since it does nothing to help out the team.

    Bonus: Short guide to Hell Diablo

    Phase one:
    Use your invis to avoid any projectiles you think are going to hit you.
    If you invis to avoid the single big fireball, it will still spawn an aoe thing on the ground, make sure to get out of it asap.
    Do not get hit by the cage thingies (not sure if they hit through invis, never noticed myself, but you cant break them with invis at least.)

    Between phases:
    Watching the cutscenes lets you regen full hatred and discipline if you need it!

    Phase two:
    Make sure you have alot of discipline for your illu since he does high dps and it's hard to dodge his damage.
    The area is quite tight which makes it harder to do the same things as in Phase one imo, but the same concepts apply,
    just be ready to pop healing potions and preperation if you are in trouble.

    Phase three:
    He now has blink and breath in addition to his phase one abilites, neither is extremely dangerous and both can (and should) be dodged with invis.

    I would say killing the prime evil isn't very hard with this build, but it will probably take a few tries to get used to the build.

    tldr:copy above build and stay invis for as long as possible.

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