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    [Request] 24/7 Multi-Realm Trade Chat Logger

    I'm looking for someone to develop a tool to log the Trade chat channel. This request is tricky in some ways, basic in others. First, I'll describe my ideal app, then go over the concessions that can be made.

    I'd like an app that could compile/run on a headless Linux VPS, that connects to WoW with starter edition account credentials that I provide, and logs all messages (sender, timestamp, message with item links) from Trade chat. I can run a character to a city and leave them there to start, but other than that, I'll have no in-game interaction. The intention is to scale this out and watch Trade chat on all realms. The app would not need to send messages, it would only listen to trade chat. The app must have very good uptime (run nonstop, though the occasional restart is okay).

    While it'd be awesome to connect to the game server without the WoW client, I realize that may be quite difficult, so instead I could run an instance of WoW in Wine. Even better if I could run multiple instances on the same box, and again even better would be if that box didn't need to have a video card (headless). If I need to have a character in-game, putting it someplace hidden (inside a wall, underground, whatever) would be best, but I defer to your expertise whether that's a good idea.

    I'm willing to pay some money for the development of this app, and to pay when modifications are required due to server changes. Looking at it, I can't imagine a good way for this to be developed, but you folks do crazy things I wouldn't imagine, so maybe this is right up your alley.

    Any thoughts?

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