Keep NPCs from falling through GameObject menu

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    Keep NPCs from falling through GameObject

    Hey OwnedCore I figured i'd post how to keep NPCs from falling through GameObjects.

    1st Method: Enable Flying on the NPC. To do this, go into your database and go to the npc spawn menu and find the sql id of the NPC and enable flying by changing the 0 to a 1 in the "canfly" or "fly" or whatever column.

    2nd Method: Make the GO static. To do this, go into the database and find the GO spawns table and copy the info of the object you spawned into the static GO spawns table.

    3rd Method: Use commands (ArcEmu only as far as I know). You have to go in-game and select the NPC you spawned on the GO. Then if you're using ArcEmu you can use the command ".npc ongameobject 1". This will save the NPC to the top of the GO. Note: I don't know the command for cores other than Arcemu.

    Please refrain from flaming for I do not normally post for fear of being flamed over something stupid.

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    Simple but useful guide on how to keep NPC's from falling through Gameobjects. I can confirm that the 3rd option works on all NPC's I've used it on and works through multiple server restarts.

    The first method makes the NPCs hover above the game-object as you would when a priest casts levitate on you.

    The third method locks the NPC to the point where it is standing, it is unable to move AT ALL.
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