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    PVP - Epic instant respawn


    Yes, you've read right. Instant respawn in PVP. Kind of, actually.

    I just died right before being bumped on a bg. I clicked on the respawn button while in the air. It made me respawn instantly where I was before I die.

    So it could be used basically to instant respawn. For exemple when you see you're gonna die you go near a bumper and get bumped before dying, or something like that. I don't know exactly how to use it but I think this has a high potential.

    It happened to me only once, need confirmation.

    Edit : Just to add more precision :
    If I remember well, I have been bumped by a spell (don't know which one).
    So I don't know exactly how this thing work but I guess there is something to look for arround dying while under a control effect. Maybe there is some effects that makes this exploit possible.
    Then it will probably be possible to find a way to "really" use it. For exemple I think of spells like the jetpack of some classes.
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    This does work, I use it in huttball all the time. Just jump on the jet when you die and hit respawn, boom!
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