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    Warrior, perfect farming account. Have a look!

    Hi, i'm trading my second WOW account.

    The account is a perfect farming account and i used it for this purpose only.
    To keep things clear, YES i'm not the original owner but the second owner and YES i used the account to bot (herb and ore farming with Honorbuddy for about 2 months)
    The account is in PERFECT standing tho, never got reported or tempbanned or whatever.

    The Mainchar is a female Gnome, level 85 Fury Warrior.
    His equip is a mix of random Cata greens and blues, nothing fancy but perfect for farming.
    +- 2500 Achievement points
    Mining 525
    Herbalism 525
    All flightlicences
    Almost no gold

    The warrior is currently on a official german PVE Realm but is transferready if needed.

    As twink there's a lvl 75 female Human Mage on a german PVP realm and some other lowlevel Chars.

    I have all needed info like

    name of the first owner
    BattleNet Login
    BattleNet Pass
    Secret question & answer
    & the associated email account & pass

    The account is currently inactive.

    Price is : 100k gold or make me offers with idk special ingame items & gold etc.

    I will only trade to serious ppl like donators, longtimemembers etc.

    If someone wants to buy the account rather then trade, make me offers. (verified Paypal only)


    Did miss the EU/US subforums.
    If a kind mod has the time, plz move it to the EU subforum. Many thanks!
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    shameless bump

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