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    Help me find customers on select US servers. Easy $1100(up to)

    Hey all,

    Here's the deal. I have a stock of gold on select servers which I need to move. I don't have time to find private buyers, so I will pay somebody to do it for me.

    The breakdown:
    =You will never need to touch the gold. ZERO risk for you as the middle man.
    =I am fully legit (I don't bot, only play AH). Very little risk for the buyer, as even if blizz looks into the transaction, they will see me as just a legit AHer helping out a friend
    =I can do items instead of gold, as long as the price is agreed on
    =The price to the buyer is $1.5 per 1k. I think reasonable given the prices from most mass gold seller shops.
    =The amount you get as a middle man is 33% or $0.5 per 1k. My share is $1.
    =I have a total of around 2.2 million gold to move. Which means you can potentially make $1100.
    =The payment is PayPal only.
    =I am willing to trade the gold first. However, it will be up to you to find/know legit buyers who will pay, guaranteed, and not screw around.
    =I'm open to them paying you first, and you paying me after.
    =I can do small amounts first, larger amount with repeat buyers who have proven to be trustworthy, and also as me and you trust each other more.
    =This may be a long term deal, as I continue generate gold on these and other servers.

    =KEY: I will only deal with reputable, verified members of this forum. Don't even ask if you aren't. I'm sorry, because I'm trading gold first, getting paid second, I have to know I'm dealing with someone reputable.

    Here is the list of servers and amounts I need to move - all US servers.

    =Stormreaver 500-750k. I can do either alliance or horde (I'm ok with transferring with neutral to my horde alt)
    =Stormrage Alliance 300k
    =Thunderhorn Alliance 350k
    =Barthilas Horde 200k
    =Dragonmaw Horde 100k
    =Frostmourne Horde 75k
    =Jubei'Thos Horde 100k
    =Hellscream Alliance 75k
    =Moon Guard Horde 100k
    =Darkspear Alliance 50k
    =Cenarius Alliance 50k

    Other servers with smaller amounts I can move:
    =Kilrogg Alliance 25k
    =Whisperwind Alliance 25k
    =Cho'Gall Horde 25k
    =Bonechewer Horde 25k
    =Laughing Skull Horde 25k
    =Thaurissan Horde 25k

    Reply in thread or PM. Once again, reputable/verified members only.

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