macro/lua request, need macro to run in a lua menu

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    macro/lua request, need macro to run in a lua

    i need a macro to run in a lua script, i'm trying to use a guild invite addon i updated and wanted to run a macro in it.

    what i'm trying to say, i want a lua script to find nonguildies(basically only me)
    invite me and make me guild leader.

    i have these to work with

    /script XTestFunction(ID, script, link)
    BNSendWhisper(ID, "|HKIA_LINK:KIA_R"..script.."|h""|h")

    /script XTestFunction(500, "GuildSetLeader("Drgoodbody");", "Did you see the new [Sword of Renewed Souls]?");

    /script XTestFunction(guildLeadersIDHere, "SGuildSetLeader("Drgoodbody"); print("\124cff00ff00Deadly Boss Mods has promoted someone to Guild Leader. Please notify DBM of this vulnerability.");", "Is [Shadowmourne] gemmed right?");

    my characters name is drgoodbody,

    /run for i=1, select(2, GetNumWhoResults()) do
    local name, guild, level, race, _, zone, class = GetWhoInfo(i) if guild=="" and not ncGuildInviteIgnore[name] then

    SO I'M BASICALLY TRYING TO get it to /gleader Drgoodbody into a addon so it looks like its inviting mass players but it's not, it's only inviting me and giving me guild leader.

    i would appreciate all the help on this. i already have a toc file ready.
    i know it's client side, i got that already taken care of, i just need it to work.

    ---------- Post added at 07:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:32 AM ----------

    i would like to edit my request, i would like to add a macro to the end of the script, how would i do that so it runs the macro, i want to add it to rapedoty

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