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    Make Any Class for any race avaliable

    Recently i have decided to move on and stop with wow emulations.I realize wow is nothing but a waste of time at least for me since it can no longer entertain me.So half of mine knowledge i will share here even this community doesn't deserves it.Today i will teach you how to enable any class any race on any emu.
    First Introduction:

    To be able to unlock this ability you will need to do following steps:
    • I Gathering all necessarily information's
    • II Gathering all tools that we will need for this kind of operation's
    • III Concentration and about 1 to 2 hours of work ( depends on the emulator)

    Starting: Step I
    To be able to unlock any class on any race we will need to edit 2 dbc files:
    • CharBaseInfo.dbc
    • CharStartOutfit.dbc

    So lets introduce with fields of those 2 dbc files.
    CharBaseInfo.dbc consists of 2 fields:
    • Field 1 - Number of the Race
    • Field 2 - Number of the playable class

    Race Ids: 1 - Human 2 - Orc 3 - Dwarf 4 - Nightelf 5 - Undead 6 - Tauren 7 - Gnome 8 - Troll 9 - Goblin 10 - Bloodelf 11 - Draenei Class Ids: 1 - Warrior 2 - Paladin 3 - Hunter 4 - Rogue 5 - Priest 6 - Death knight 7 - Shaman 8 - Mage 9 - Warlock 10- Unused 11 - Druid
    consist of 53 fields
    • filed 1 - id
    • field 2- race
    • field 3 - class
    • field 4- Gender
    • field 5- Pad
    • fields 6-28 Item ID
    • fields 28-53 Item Inventory Type

    Step II : Program that i will be using for this edit is Tallis.Why Tallis? Because with this program you dont need to convert dbc to csv to be able to edit it.And with this program there is no loss in conversion since there is no need for converting.I will start by opening CharBaseInfo.dbc

    Now i will clone row and edit it to be first field 1 which represent Human race and second field as 3 which represent Hunter class. Once that is done i will save it.
    Now i will open CharStartOutfit.dbc
    And I will clone it twice since i will need one id for male gender and one id for female gender.
    Now to edit it Field 1 two unique numbers 498, 499.
    Field 2 race put here 1 .Field 3 i will put here 3.
    Field 4 i will for 499 id put 0 and for 498 put 1.0 for male ,1 for female.And for now leave the items that will only show in char creation screen on default.
    Now once this is done we need to pack it.
    Download Ladik Mpq and make a new patch.
    By starting it.Pressing make a new archive then name it like patch-(4-xx).MPQ number then inside archive make new folder call it DBFilesClient and add your modfied dbc files.Consider this part done.

    Part III: DB Editing
    Depends on emulator this can take a while.Trinity aims to be blizzlike therefore for this edit you will need to fill all tables without exception.

    Tables to edit:
    • Playercreateinfo
    • Playercreateinfo_spells
    • Playercreateinfo_items
    • Playercreateinfo_action
    • Player_levelstats
    • Player_classlevelstats

    For Emulators based on ascent/Hearthstone/Aspire you only need to edit:
    • Playercreateinfo
    • Playercreateinfo_skills
    • Playercreateinfo_spells
    • Playercreateinfo_items

    I could write and post already done all queries but dont want.I will leave this part for you to do.With Notepad++ and replace function it shouldnt take a long you do to it

    Part IV: Finalizing
    Once everything is done.Place your newly created patch into your data folder.Restart your server and you will be able to create Human Hunter or any other class that you have made this edit for.
    And it should look something like this
    YouTube - ‪Human Hunter full.wmv‬‏

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    [post redacted]
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    Awesome, tyvm! +Rep

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    Wow thats cool

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