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    [Question] GameObject teleporter?

    I have a vague recollection of seeing a hack that could teleport game objects within this forum. But I can't find the topic on it.

    It had screenshots of what looked like a Gnome in the Gnome starting-zone (ie. snow everywhere). The tutorial focused on this tree, which was successfully moved along one of the axis (it moved away from the Gnome toon).

    If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be great. Of course, if it's a private-server thing, then please confirm and then disregard. Thankyou

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    That would be WoWInfinity I think. I don't know if it's updated anymore, but it's a paid hack for live servers.

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    Indeed from Wowinfinity;
    M2Move* (Move around any object ingame with your cursor. Just put your cursor over the object you want to move, pic it up and move it, this can be used to remove obstacles blocking your way like doors, walls or anything else.)
    M2nocol* (Disables collision from all M2 models.)
    M2col*(Enables collision from all M2 models)
    M2Blackout* blackout all M2 models so you easier can see oponent players.
    M2Remove*(Removes all current loaded object from the game making it possible to walk almost anywhere, if you run around in a forest you can forexample now avoid all trees, stones while other players and even Mobs will have to run around them as normal)
    M2Flat*(Flat outall current loaded object, so you still can see it but walk right through it. This is also quite fun to look at)

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