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    [Offsets] Hotfix#22 - Geterrormessage, _Isplayermoving.. _Isagro + Example Code

    This is my original post from mmoelites figured Id share it here aswell

    hey guys some of the stuff I needed for my bot was to see the current error message,... the length of that message , if the player is moving and if a player has agro or should I say "being attacked by an agro mob" return 1... simple stuff, but much needed for certain functions...

                public const uint Playerbase = 0x0F48C20;
                public const uint IsAgroStatic = 0x0E30A25;
                public const uint ErrorMsgBase = 0x0E25380;
                public const uint ErrorMsgOffs = 0x0;
                public const uint RunBase1 = 0x17C;
                public const uint RunBase2 = 0x270;
                public const uint RunBase3 = 0x004;
                public const uint RunBase4 = 0x024;
                public const uint IsPlayerRunningOffset = 0x175;

    Example code for _IsMoving Function...

                    RunningBase = Rift.ReadUInt(playerBase + PlayerData.RunBase1);
                    RunningBase = Rift.ReadUInt(RunningBase + PlayerData.RunBase2);
                    RunningBase = Rift.ReadUInt(RunningBase + PlayerData.RunBase3);
                    RunningBase = Rift.ReadUInt(RunningBase + PlayerData.RunBase4);
                    public static bool _IsMoving(BlackPosion Rift)
                          var IsMoving = 0;
                          IsMoving = Rift.ReadByte(RunningBase + PlayerData.IsPlayerRunningOffset);
                          if (IsMoving == 1)
                                  Console.WriteLine("Toon is moving!!");
                                   return (true);
                    return (false);
    Example for _IsAgro()

    public static bool _IsAgro(BlackPosion Rift)
                var IsAgro = 0;
                IsAgro = Rift.ReadByte((uint) _baseAddress(Rift) + PlayerData.IsAgroStatic);
                if (IsAgro == 1)
                    Report("::Agro Detected!");
                    return (true);
                return (false);
    And last but not least the error messages!! (I hard coded the length since Im lazy and dont even need the function that much... so buzz off! lol

    public static string GetErrorMessage(BlackPosion Rift)
                var lenbase = Rift.ReadUInt((uint) _baseAddress(Rift) + 0x0E20CDC);
                lenbase = Rift.ReadUInt(lenbase + 0x5E4);
                lenbase = Rift.ReadUInt(lenbase + 0x340);
                lenbase = Rift.ReadUInt(lenbase + 0x1D0);
                lenbase = Rift.ReadUInt(lenbase + 0x0);
                int strLen = Rift.ReadByte(lenbase + 0x53);
                Report("Error Message Length: " + strLen);
                var errorbase = Rift.ReadUInt((uint) _baseAddress(Rift) + PlayerData.ErrorMsgBase);
                var ErrorMsg = Rift.ReadUnicodeString(errorbase + PlayerData.ErrorMsgOffs, strLen);
                Report("Error Message: " + ErrorMsg);
                if (ErrorMsg == "You are too far away")
                    return ("ToFarAway");
                if (ErrorMsg == "You must be facing your target!")
                    return ("NotFacing");
                    return (ErrorMsg);
    sorry if some of my names confuzzzzeeeees you, but hey what can you do!

    plz press thanks DiS iS WhY We pOsT!

    Hope this helps someone!


    edit* and just incase anyone needs to see my _baseAddress() function
    public static int _baseAddress(BlackPosion Rift)
                int baseaddress = Rift.MainModule.BaseAddress.ToInt32();
                return (baseaddress);

    Edit*** Fixed the CurrentErrorMessage...
    public const uint ErrorMsgBase = 0x0E25380; + 0x0 -->should point to CurrentErrorMessage
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