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    Retribution FCFS helper (CLC RET) like application for one button DPS rotation.

    As the thread tittle suggest.
    Same or similiar as CLC Ret but the button could be spammable.
    Did anyone tried to do something like this for Cata?

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    I played a Retribution Paladin for the longest time and I always used websites such as this one:

    Ret Paladin FCFS Rotations | Retribution Paladins - WoW

    It usually keeps up to date with rotations you should use and all that fun stuff. Aside from rolling your face on the keyboard, I'm Just Kidding. The only type of program related to what you want is CLC Ret, and even then it's not a one click system. I wish it could be even easier than using CLC, but maybe a possible macro?

    Useful Macros for Paladins - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

    Hopefully these links give you a good idea on what to do, since there aren't any new add ons that can improve dps anymore than just reading up on the class and keeping up to date with specs and rotations. If you need help on a popular ret spec, I have always used:

    It also helps you with glyphs and etc, should take a look. Hopefully I didn't stray to far from what you're asking.

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