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    [QUESTION] Any Useful Rift Add Ons?

    Has there been any useful addons for Rift made yet? If so, let's hear all about them.

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    There is a dps meter, I don't know where to find it though, I was told to "search the rift forums" but I didn't care enough to do it.

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    From Trion:
    RIFT and Add-ons

    Hi, All-

    There have been a lot of questions about Rift and the use of Add-ons. We'd like to clear up where we stand on this issue.

    There is a lot of confusion surrounding our position on Addons and other types of UI modifications, so it is not at all surprising that a reasonable person would think that we are universally against them.

    It's true that RIFT at launch does not have any API support for addons. The reason that we have chosen to go this route is the same as we publicly described when we unveiled the game in early 2010.

    Whenever we consider adding a new feature to RIFT, we first and foremost want to make sure that we ship and support it at high quality. That's the primary yardstick we use. If we can't, we will tend to hold off until we can.

    Supporting Addons, Skinning, and other UI Modifications in a way that is of sufficiently high quality, stability, and in a way that does not allow for the creation of automated play (e.g. bots, which are inherently a negative to the overall experience) was not a task that we could afford to take lightly. Instead, we chose to provide a robust, attractive UI that players could customize in many ways.

    As we work toward the future of RIFT, we will be looking to provide new ways for users to customize their experience, through more customizations and possibly all the way through addons and skinning -- To us, the issue is primarily one of providing all features at the proper quality that RIFT players deserve.
    rift is fun as hell tho

    only thing ive seen is combat parser but its third party program

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    They confirmed in a later post that addons will eventually be allowed.

    For now, all we really have is this combat log parser: RIFT Combat Parser - RiftJunkies.com - An Official Rift: Planes of Telara Fansite

    Its simple to set up and pretty much functions like WoW's combat logging.

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    also to make sure no one gets confused there are 2 combat parsers/dps meter's

    theres the one from rift junkies that valmere posted

    and theres ACT wich was used for everquest/aion however has a plugin for rift now.

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    Rift Gatherer as well. Developed by Wesk. of this community. Currently it's in closed beta testing, but looks very promising!
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