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    I did free power-leveling a few weeks ago. Only a one person seemed to be interested. Bumping is against the rules, so I'm opening a new thread. I'm now charging for my services.I only accept paypal sent as a gift. I handlevel only. Pm me with a price, and your leveling range, and I'll get back to you asap. Us only.

    Originally Posted by blugahin View Post
    (19-60) Estimate Given ~1 week.
    Starting gold : 30
    Class: Druid
    Day 1: lvl19 - 40.
    Day 2: lvl40 - 55.
    Day 3: lvl55 - 60.
    Day 4: -----------
    Day 5: -----------
    Day 6: -----------
    Day 7: -----------
    Ending Gold : 701g. (240 more gold in the auction house)
    Mount [x]
    Epic Mount [x]
    Originally Posted by Skye1 View Post
    I am still waiting a day to log into the account to confirm everything just to not log too many IPs from various locations but he has kept in really good contact with me throughout the process. Real nice guy, and talking to him on AIM is understandable. It's clear that English is his first language unlike quite a few alternatives in this line of business.

    I will update with a confirmation of everything has done when I have verified it.

    I dig it! Everything is here and as he said. He also stayed completely in old world, if you want to use a fresh BC grind/questing bot that needs you to have no quests done you can.


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