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    [US] WoW Account [8Xchars] [6 year old account] [cata]

    Hello girls and boys,

    I am here to sell my about 6 years old account. I can provide all information and yea I am the person who created account and leveled this characters on oceanic server called ''Barthilas''

    3x lvl85 (warlock+priest+DK) (warlock and DK 333ilvl and priest:345ilvl)
    2x lvl80 (hunter+warrior)
    1x lvl70 (mage)
    2x lvl65 (druid+rogue)

    special things;

    1-warrior has ''champion'' title from very old pvp system
    2-warlock has amani bear from za timed event bc,icc mount,tittle,full t6 and wotkl set
    3-DK has ''Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker'' , warglaive off hand only from illldian , tiger mount from ZG.
    4- only druid is allience and she is worgen, all other chars are horde side.
    5-Account has about 20k golds and 10-15 heirloom items
    6-warlock 310 flying, priest and dk 280, others has slow flying train.
    7-Many proffesions around 450+ mining,smith,enchting,jc etc. and all chars has duel spec.
    8-And Game time untill august 2011 yea no paying for game for like 7 months its good.

    Starting bid is 450$. Waiting for offers thanx ^^

    here pics.

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