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    Couple of portals to travel fast around the world.

    Hey there dear reader i hope this guide will help you ease your travels around the world of warcraft. This guide is most useful on chars that still don't have all the portals for the zones in cata and for chars that are still leveling. This guide relays mostly on portals that are obtained by quest chains or are a part of a quest chain.

    So lets begin:

    First thing to do is start this quest A Tale of Valor - Quest - World of Warcraft in Icecrown up to the point where your send to A'dal to ask for his help. He will open a portal to Dalaran that will stay open till you complete the quest. However if you don't do it it will stay forever open and you can use it forever.
    P.S. I strongly advice you to finish the quest on some alt as this is one of the best and most touching quests ever made.
    Next thing to do is very easy. It is this quest Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? - Quest - World of Warcraft
    as before pick up the quest but never deliver it. It will open a portal to Sholaz Basin.
    The third quest chain is The Lifewarden's Wrath - Quest - World of Warcraft it opens a Waygate in Basin. Do the chain until you can travel to Un'goro.

    Well this is all that you need to do its not so much tops 1 hour of running around doing very original and fun quest's.
    As for what this can be used to i think it simple:

    You can go from lest say Blasted lands to Ungoro in 5 min using the dark portal -> Shat -> Dalaran -> Use CoT portal or Basin waygate (using the portal that "Where in the world is Nessigvery" opens"

    Porting to Tanaris from Shat using Dala Cot portal.

    Nice thing to point is that also Sholaz Basin waygate works back and forth.

    I will leave the rest to you.

    P.S. Nice thing is that blizz can't fix this without braking there quest chains so they can not fix it if they don't like this.

    Marry X-mas all

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