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    How to make a teleporter With SQL. [Trinity]

    As i have noticed there are no guides on this topic or atleast no popular guides so Basically, i've seen this on a different forum and dont want any rep or fame, all praises go to Udead Over at AC Web.

    I'll be showing you how to make a teleporter via SQL.

    Say we are making a port to Dalaran.
    I would start off in the table "Npc_text'
    The id is what links the text to Gossip_menu table. I'l set it to 99999
    text0_0 is what the npc will say on the top of the menu (not clickable")
    I'l set it to "Want a port to Dalaran?"

    We are finished with that table. Now go to the "Gossip_menu" table
    The entry is what links it to creature_template. Il set it to 89323
    The textid is what I put in "Npc_text" Set it to 99999
    Leave the rest at 0

    We are finished with that table. Now go to "Gossip_menu_option" table
    The menu_id is the id I put in "Gossip_menu" Set it to 89323
    The option_icon is the picture on the left of the Text. Here are a few id's:

    GOSSIP_ICON_CHAT                = 0,      //white chat bubble
       GOSSIP_ICON_VENDOR              = 1,      //brown bag
       GOSSIP_ICON_TAXI                = 2,      //flight
       GOSSIP_ICON_TRAINER             = 3,      //book
       GOSSIP_ICON_INTERACT_1          = 4,      //interaction wheel
       GOSSIP_ICON_INTERACT_2          = 5,      //interaction wheel
       GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG           = 6,      //brown bag with yellow dot
       GOSSIP_ICON_TALK                = 7,      //white chat bubble with black dots
       GOSSIP_ICON_TABARD              = 8,      //tabard
       GOSSIP_ICON_BATTLE              = 9,      //two swords
       GOSSIP_ICON_DOT                 = 10,     //yellow dot
    option_text is what the option will say. Il put it as "Beam to Dalaran Scotty!"
    I can't explain option_id,,,,,,just set it to 1
    Nor can I explain npc_option_npcflag....set it to 1
    Action_menu_id is only If you want to create a sub-menu, this is the ID to link to to create that sub-menu. We do not need this.
    Action_poi_id is If you want a POI (point of interest) to display on the minimap, this is the `entry` from `points_of_interest`. We do not need this.
    Action_script_id is the script that is located in gossip_scripts. We ARE using this. Set it to 999999.

    We are done with that table. Now go to the "gossip_scripts" table.
    The ID is what we put the "action_script_id". Set it to 999999
    Delay is the wait time in seconds for the script to activate. We will leave it at 0 for this.
    Command is what kind of script your making. We are using 6, but if your making something else here is a list of commands:

    0	 TALK	 Creature say/whisper/yell/textemote.
    1	 EMOTE	 Play emote on creature.
    2	 FIELD_SET	 Change the value at an index for the player.
    3	 MOVE_TO	 Relocate creature to a destination.
    4	 FLAG_SET	 Turns on bits on a flag field at an index for the player.
    5	 FLAG_REMOVE	 Turns off bits on a flag field at an index for the player.
    6	 TELEPORT_TO	 Teleports the player to a location.
    7	 QUEST_EXPLORED	 Satisfies the explore requirement for a quest.
    8	 KILL_CREDIT	 Gives kill credit to the player.
    9	 RESPAWN_GAMEOBJECT	 Spawns a despawned gameobject.
    10	 TEMP_SUMMON_CREATURE	 Temporarily summons a creature.
    11	 OPEN_DOOR	 Opens a door gameobject (type == 0).
    12	 CLOSE_DOOR	 Closes a door gameobject (type == 0).
    13	 ACTIVATE_OBJECT	 Activates an object.
    14	 REMOVE_AURA	 Removes an aura due to a spell.
    15	 CAST_SPELL	 Casts a spell.
    16	 PLAY_SOUND	 Plays a soun.
    17	 CREATE_ITEM	 Creates specified amount of items for the player.
    18	 DESPAWN_SELF	 Forces creature to despawn.
    19	 nuttin	 There is no command 19.
    20	 LOAD_PATH	 Load path to unit, then unit starts waypoint movement.
    21	 CALLSCRIPT_TO_UNIT	 Calls script from one of *_scripts table with given unit as source.
    22	 KILL	 Changes state of the creature to dead and optionally removes its corpse.
    30	 ORIENTATION	 Changes unit's orientation (Used in Waypoint Scripts)
    31	 EQUIP	 Sets creature equipment.
    32	 MODEL	 Sets creature model.
    33	 CLOSE_GOSSIP	 Closes gossip window. This command is only used for Gossip Scripts.
    34	 PLAYMOVIE	 Plays movie.
    Set "datalong" for what your mapId is (from typing.gps ingame) ours will be
    Set X for what your "X" coordinate is.
    Set Y for what your "Y" coordinate is.
    Set Z for what your "Z" coordinate is.
    Set O for what your "orientation" is.

    Be sure to set the gossip_menu_id in "Creature_template" to whatever your ID you used in gossip_menu. In our case, 89323

    Then You are done! Congratulations, you have just made a teleporter by using SQL.

    simply passing on a great guide!

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    Just awful, did not help at all

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    Useful for me. thx

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